Updated WTE top 25

Hogs climb one spot to 10th.

How is Alabama still considered so high. They have replacements for the accomplice?

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They still have a lot of fire power.
I’ll see myself out. :crazy_face:


We won’t hold a gun to your head…

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It is hard to replace Miller given his size, but transfer Estrada (Arkansas killer in Little Rock) can replace his scoring. Plus addition of Whitsell gives me them another scoring guard.

I don’t know if this update accounts for not being able to sign Walton, because I thought they would move Bama below us. But in the end, Bama winning the championship last year and us finishing 10th may have played a role.

Based on his synopsis, we’ll drop a little if/when either Devo or Walsh stay in the draft and do not return.

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