Updated with police report: Sprinkle suspended

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Anyone know what happened? D.J. Williams said that he is very surprised at what he has heard, but he did not say what it was.

Curfew violation comes immediately to mind, but I haven’t heard anything. No drugs, alcohol or violence involved, according to BB.

Chatter on another board is his Belk shopping spree was bigger than it should have been.


The word I heard (on Facebook) was shoplifting

Wowzers, no wonder D.J. was disappointed.

Frankly, Sprinkle has been a bit of a disappointment this season. Not bad, but not that great either especially in terms of offensive production late in the year. He’s no Hunter Henry.

Everyone makes mistakes. Problem is, this could really impact his NFL stock.


If this is true…you play the cards you’re dealt. Even when you’re the one dealing them.

With all of the injuries (Cornelius, Hollister, DJ Dean, etc) and now with Sprinkle’s suspension, I feel like it may be an ugly bowl game and the sour taste in our mouths may last throughout the off season. Va Tech is virtually playing a home game. Feels like the score at the start of the game should read Va Tech 17-Hogs 0. Just a feeling.

A tradition like no other. Wouldn’t be an Arkansas bowl game without a suspension. Congratulations to this year’s recipient of the Forrest- Bobo award, Jeremy ‘Sticky Fingers’ Sprinkle. And I once thought that sticky fingers were a good thing in a receiver.

If this is indeed true, I have no sympathy at all for whatever fall he makes in the NFL draft. He is one or two weeks away from being able to sign with an agent, and get fronted some money, and he does a moronic thing like this.

From the movie Greater, “Character is revealed when nobody is watching”, said Coach Nutt. “Coach, someone is always watching.” Brandon Burlsworth.

What an idiot

Alright, we have erased the 17 point advantage Virginia Tech had to start the game. :smiley:

A bit more info on what Sprinkle actually is charged with shoplifting.

http://www.espn.com/college-football/st … razorbacks

I’m hoping there is more to the story, but it sounds pretty bad. You’re getting $450 in spending money and a 20% discount and you decide to steal on top of that.


If there is not something more to this, I would have to say such a deed is the height of disrespect. Your Bowl sponsor provides this nice gift opportunity and this is how one shows appreciciation. This could end up costing him on draft day, if so there is no one to blame. He certainly added embarrassment to a very embarrassing bowl experience.

I am not surprised since for whatever reason that is the culture most blacks are raised in. Regardless of your race, it is very difficult to change from the culture you are raised in.