Updated Traffic Flow Maps

It remains to be seen if the new patterns will be more efficient.
:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

Post-game note: ALL of the exits from Lot 56 now proceed EAST on MLK.

What the heck! They’ve closed the lot 56 west exits onto Razorback road?? Why?? Lots of people, like me, are going south on Razorback Rd or east on MLK to get to I-49?? That’s ridiculous.

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Uh high paying donors didn’t like wait on the peasants! Seriously, I don’t know why they did it, I sneak out Nettleship to Sang.

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I wonder if it has to do with the way traffic flows on MLK.

That is going to add significant time leaving lot 56. Got to go East on MLK. Sigh. I need to go West or South on Razorback, and that ain’t happening.

Not if it lets you move, just head down school street to 71B and use that to go to I-49. It may be a few more miles, but if traffic is moving it will be as quick. I sure wouldn’t go down 15th street and get back in the traffic at Razorback Rd,

When they used to let you go south on Razorback out of 56, it was a little slow until your crossed MLK, but then was QUICK. I don’t understand not letting any flow go any direction out of 56 other than East on MLK. That is a LOT of traffic going only one direction on only one street. Razorback Road has great and easy access to both directions on 49. Looks like Razorback (on the south side of MLK) will have almost no traffic on it. That makes no sense.

I usually need to end up going NORTH on 49. Going East on MLK is about as wrong a way as possible.

I’m wondering if they will make MLK one way. We’ll see.

Ugh, traffic leaving was terrible getting out of Lot 72 the back way, I guess 74k made it busy. I’m not complaining after the Chad era.

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