Updated: Tonight's game canceled, team gets practice day

The teams will play one game tomorrow at 3 p.m.

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I can’t say that this is a terrible thing, all things considered. We’ll still (hopefully, based on the weather forecast) get one midweek game in, and having today off should allow our front-line pitching to be completely rested and ready to go in Gainesville - which is the main thing.

I do, however, wish that tonight’s game had been scheduled for Cox, with tomorrow’s being on BeIN - which most of us get (unlike Cox). But I’ll get over it.

Any word on whether they’ll move Loseke’s start to Wednesday or go with Weston Rogers as originally planned?

I’ve updated the story after talking with Wes Johnson this afternoon. He spoke about the practice the team was able to get in and gave updates on Jackson Rutledge and Keaton McKinney.

Both teams are expected to throw their Tuesday starters tomorrow; Barrett Loseke for Arkansas and Chase Gooding for Charlotte. The Razorbacks plan to throw several pitchers.