Updated story with Chance Moore quotes

on committing to Arkansas.

Some Great recruiting going on right now but all of our staffs! You got to give them big time kudos with all the crap we’re having to go through just to recruit.

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Yea everything they are doing is working.

Aloha DD,

So currently OVs are not allowed due to C19 but unofficial visits are allowed?

Secondly, was this commitment from a recruiting high? Just how solid is this commitment?


Coaches can’t have in person contact with recruits or travel to recruit.

But they can travel to Fayetteville and look around just like any other potential student can.

Awesome pick up of a top 50 player. So much momentum
from our basketball crew, coaches, players, even Muss’s
wife and daughter are great pluses.
With this level of recruiting I think we will get back to wondering what our our seeding in the Big Dance is going to be.


It is always nice to get an out of state 4 star. They don’t come often. Hogs have had only 4 of those in the last decade that I recall. More impressed with this get by Muss than the four in-staters last year.

Dudley, do you know why ESPN is such an outlier in his ranking? He is #44 on ESPN, but in the 80s and 90s in all other services. Has ESPN updated its ranking and others have not or is it the other way round?

Moore has been hampered by injury but is healthy now… should move up in the other services if they play ball this fall in Georgia.

Right. To be more specific, he was hurt all last summer and missed some time due to transfer.

No, I don’t, but whether he is 44th or 92nd, he’s obviously very good and keeps the Muss Buss zipping along.

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Eventually all services come close to each other in how the player is ranked. So, it will be interesting to see where it settles, because that becomes a part of class rankings.

You have never trusted ESPN rankings because you didn’t think they watched the recruits play as much. But in this case, I am hoping ESPN is the one that has it right. It will be a nice to have a Top 50 out of state player. Believe Moses Kingsley was the last one.

Yeah, I agree. If the high school season happens, he’ll get plenty of looks because his high school is a national power.

I’m taking most all rankings with a grain of salt right now because there were no shoe circuits and no in-person evaluation this spring and summer. There have been some events, but not many kids have been seen.

A southeast analyst on another network felt like he was a top 50 kid when healthy and engaged. He started out ranked as a top 20 prospect by 247 as a sophomore, just before he got injured.

Wow! Did not know that. That is even better, Of course, sophomore rankings seldom hold. Remember Moody was Top 20 as a sophomore. But this suggests he is at least Top 50.

Goodnes he has some Great offers and the Muss Buss got him? Great looking player, Great Kid, Great family! Wow, color me impressed. WPS

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