Updated: Segment on IMG College radio

I just did a 10-minute segment on IMG College radio. Maybe Matt can find it on-line somewhere. I was honored to have been asked to pay tribute to Coach Broyles on nationwide radio.

Edit: Here is the interview: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … ded-mrs-b/

Clay, do you think they will honor Coach Broyles in the manner he deserves.? I always said the stadium should be Frank Broyles Stadium. I know the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation gave a ton of money to remodel it a few years ago, but can’t we do the right thing. Is is possible or is it a legal matter? You may not know, but I had to ask.

If they can’t…Jeff Long and the University of Arkansas need to do something extremely special that will last.

They did name the field after him, the department headquarters after him and put a statue of him outside the stadium.

The DonRey foundation gave $20 million essentially as naming rights to the stadium. I do not see that name coming off anytime soon.

They did as you said, Matt. Very few people call it Frank Broyles Field. I have never heard any one person say that, unfortunately. I know money talks…but does it have to say everything, every time? Is is worth $20,000,000 to change the name of the stadium? I believe it is. $20,000,000 is not enough to honor a man who has produced many, many times that much for the school, the area and the state. I am not sure we could even calculate the value in money of Coach Broyles’ contribution. $20,000,000 is chump change when you consider the monitary value of his contributions and the social value of his contributions is probably incalculable.

I have no doubt that Frank would never want his name to be used to disrespect a very generous donor to the UofA, not just to athletics, like the Reynolds Foundation. He always wanted to build bridges and would never want to be associated with burning one. One of his greatest accomplishments was his tireless fund raising for the UofA. Let’s don’t disrespect the man and do something that he would know would be harmful to future fund raising at the UofA for a very long time.

It says Frank Broyles Field on the south end of the stadium. It says Frank Broyles Field inside the stadium on both ends. That’s fine with me. It was perfect with Frank Broyles.

I agree with you Clay. Coach Broyles would not burn a bridge for personal benifit in life or in his memory! Honor him by holding his same loyalty!


If we think long and hard enough we collectively will be able to come up with a way to properly honor Coach Broyles. His contributions were to the University and not just to Razorback athletics. I can remember in the past when he lent his name and his efforts to secure proper funding and books for the University of Arkansas Library program. He did what was necessary in developing and building the University of Arkansas and not just the Razorback brand of sports.

A couple of ideas come to my mind and I am certain there are far better ones that can be put forward over time:

  1. Set up a scholarship fund to be known as Broyles Scholarships. These would be given to needy and deserving athletes throughout Razorback athletics. These funds would also provide Broyles Scholarships for needy and deserving students enrolled in the various academic colleges and programs throughout out the University of Arkansas recognizing those students as Razorbacks for their efforts in the community and the classroom. It should be an honor to be an academic Razaorback and a Broyles Scholar.

  2. Provide funding for Broyles Chairs to help secure great educators throughout the University of Arkansas’ various colleges.

These are just two ways that we could support to keep Coach Broyles name and legacy working to on into the future and providing ways to keep the name and reputation of the institution of the University of Arkansas lasting and strong.

It would be great to see what other ideas that folks can come up with and eventually honor this great man properly.

I don’t think you can give money to walk-on athletes like that. The NCAA won’t allow it. I guess I don’t understand the idea on your No. 1 thought.

First, Broyles is UA athletics in so many ways. That has been note in several places with prominent naming rights.

Second, it would a tremendous insult to the many fine academic professors at UA throughout history to have an athletic director’s name attached to academic projects. Yes, Broyles used his clout as AD/coach to champion academic causes but the academic side of things should be 100% responsible for academic honors. Think about having a Steven Smith (Comm professor who recently retired) defensive quality control position. (Point: athletic fans would not want a coaching position named after a non-athlete).

Frank Broyles Memorial Hwy ! WPS