Updated SEC Tournament outlook

Everybody with one game to go now that Bama has beaten Ole Miss.

Double byes (play Friday):

  1. UK 15-2
  2. UF (both of these clinched) 14-3
  3. SoCar 12-5
  4. Hogs 11-6. If we win and SoCar loses to OM Saturday, this will flip. If SoCar wins, they’re the 3 seed regardless.

Play Thursday:
5. Bama 10-7. Even if they catch us Saturday we have the tiebreaker.
6. Georgia 9-8 (Georgia has tiebreakers over Bama, OM and Vandy)
7. OM 9-8, with tiebreak over Vandy
8. Vandy 9-8, with tiebreak over A&M
9. A&M 8-9 with tiebreak over OM (although it won’t help; they play UK)
10. Tennessee 7-10. If they beat Bama and catch A&M they have the tiebreaker.

Play Wednesday:
11. Auburn 6-11. Has tiebreaker over Moo U.
12. Moo U 5-12
13. LSU 2-15 (tiebreaker)
14. Misery 2-15.

I would say none of the 6-7-8-9 teams should win Saturday; they’re either on the road or playing a better team or both. So if they don’t, it will remain like this. If Georgia were to beat us and Bama loses at Tennessee, UGa would move up to 5th. I am not even going to try to figure out what happens if three or four teams finish 10-8, although it seems that Georgia is in very good shape if its them with all their tiebreakers. If we beat Jawja though…

But, with the proviso that some of these matchups may change (especially if someone in the 6-7-8-9 cluster wins), here’s what we have:
Auburn vs. Misery
Moo U vs. LSU

Bama vs. Moo U/LSU
Georgia vs. Auburn/Mizz
OM vs. Tennessee
Vandy vs. A&M

UK vs. Vandy/A&M
Florida vs. OM/Tenn
Hogs vs. Bama/MSU/LSU
Chickens vs. Georgia/Aub/Mizz

The last team I would want to play on Friday is Vandy. Nashville is like a home game for them. Thank goodness, it seems the likelihood for that is very low, unless we get them on Saturday after they beat KY.

Your right about not wanting to play Vandy.
How did the the bubble watch go tonight.

Wake Forest and Kansas State did themselves huge favors by winning tonight. Wake beat Louisville at home, K-State won a roadie at TCU. Marquette also got a big win over Xavier. Michigan State shot themselves in the foot by losing at Illinois, which may be creeping into the bubble picture.

An Alabama matchup seems like it would bode well for Arkansas.

Agreed. Also, Q. Weatherspoon of Moo U missed their last game with a bad ankle. Since he pretty much beat us single-handedly at BWA, I’d like our chances in a rematch if he’s hobbled or out. And LSU still hasn’t learned how to guard anyone.