Updated SEC standings

Hogs 11-3
MSU 9-5
OM 9-5
Bama 7-8
LSU 4-11
Ags 3-11
Auburn 2-13

Vandy 10-4
Tenn 10-4
SoCar 10-5
Fla 9-6
KY 7-6
Ga 5-8
Mizz 4-11

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Need to complete the sweep tomorrow and move on. Having a small lead in the standings is nice at the halfway point of conference play!

Build a lead. Finishing the SEC slate against Tennessee and Florida won’t be easy. I’m still trying to figure out if the West or the East is the strongest.

Hard to say, but if you stack up the SEC teams based on their current SEC standings [after today the Hogs will have played through half the schedule] - Ark #1, Vandy/Tenn, tied at #2, SC at #4, and so forth; our opponents from the first half total 46 points, while the opponents for the 2nd half have “higher positions” at 34 total points. I think three on the road against SC might be tough.

The good news is OM and MSU still have series against Vandy. Hopefully they beat each other up a little bit. Moo U also has to play @ Chickens.

This league is a grind and it takes real focus to play at your best all the way through.The difference between winning and losing is very small and a so called bad team like Auburn is anything but that as we saw. Stay healthy and keep the pedal to the metal only way to survive this regular season.

There are 5 teams on pace to win 20 SEC games in the regular season. Can’t imagine that would happen, but it’s very reasonable to think 2 or 3 might get to 20.

Whichever teams get to 20 will almost certainly be national seeds.

Don’t sleep on S. Carolina, who we will visit next weekend. They are playing some very good ball right now.

Since RPI is still a thing in college baseball, with three weeks before the host sites are announced, I looked at the RPI.

There are six SEC teams in the top 16: Arkansas, Tennessee, Moo U, Vandy, Bama and SoCar. Meaning there’s a very good chance (politics aside) of the SEC getting to host six regionals. Ole Miss is within range at 19th, and my guess is the Rebnecks have a better chance of hosting than Bama does.

I would wonder if Bama even put in a bid. But they are getting their ace pitcher back. I would not want to see them in my regional with that guy back and rolling.

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