Updated SEC Baseball Standings

through action of Sunday, April 4.

I hate that Tenn swept Alabama at Tuscaloosa.

Uh, Chip, the Scum won 7-4 Friday night.

Tennessee is at 7-2 for their SEC games; as good as the Hogs…perhaps against better competition.

Tennessee has played Georgia, LSU and Bama. The last two stink, just as Bama and Auburn stink. Is Georgia better than Moo U? I don’t think so.

I watched a bit of the Vol/Bama game today. Vol pitching was suspect. But it was a small sample. They are a good team obviously.

Good. I thought they were swept

Both played Bama so that series is a wash.
They played LSU (1-8) and we played Auburn (1-8)… seems even there.
They played Georgia (3-6) and we played Miss State (5-4)… Arkansas ahead there.

We played 3 top 10 teams to start out the season… Tennessee has no real comparison there.
As per Warren Nolan baseball stats we are the #4 SOS in the nation where Tenn is #50.

Not to throw shade on what Tennessee is accomplishing this year under Tony Vitello, just
saying Arkansas has had the toughest road any way you want to measure it.


Teams we’ve played so far, from last week’s USA Today coaches poll, with record:

#4 Texas Tech (1-0)
#7 Moo U (3-0)
#8 Texass (1-0)
#11 TCU (1-0)

Tennessee’s ranked opponents:

#25 LSU (3-0); Corndogs will not be ranked when the poll updates tomorrow.

I was just trying to say that I felt Tennessee had a very solid SEC record.

I don’t believe the Hogs have had the toughest SEC schedule thus far. Thus far our SEC home schedule has been ultra-favorable. USC-e, Florida, Vandy all have had tough schedules.

We’ll learn a lot about the Hogs these next three weeks, including road trips versus USC-e and Ole Miss.

Numbers don’t lie. Opinions OTOH are just that.

Vols have Florida and Vandy in the next 2 series, but all games on Rocky Top. Save the analysis for a couple weeks.

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