Updated RPI: Hogs remain #6

Even after loss to Lipscomb.

The real RPI, not Warren Nolan’s pseudo version.

Technically it’s a neutral-site loss, so the ding wasn’t as bad as it would have been in Fayetteville.

Then again, I’m not sure Arkansas would have lost in Fayetteville given how well the team has played at Baum this year.

Is a #6 RPI rating worthy of a National seed?


Yup. They take other things into account, but top 6 is very much in the discussion for a national seed, of which there are 8. And the RPI Needs site projects we’ll be top 8 if we win 4 or 5 of our last 9. Top 16, which would be a regional host, needs 1 win.

I have the list of last year’s seeds but I can’t find the RPI list on selection day for comparison. For some reason all the sites update RPI through the tournament, which is kinda crazy because it becomes useless the moment the tournament field is chosen.

I did find, however, that the Rebnecks had a 0.1 percent chance of winning the natty going into the tournament. Which they then did. OU, which lost in the championship series, had a 1.7 percent chance of doing that. Our chance of winning the natty was 0.8%.

Thanks, Swine! I thought it was, but I recall seeing a post that had us projected as a 2 seed in the regional. At the time I think we were a 5 seed. Couldn’t understand the projected 2 seed

Somebody thought we were going to go into the tank. Which I can actually understand, given the number of key injuries we’ve had, and still have. But even if we go in the tank now we’ll still host a regional.

Thanks! It is amazing where we are considering all the injuries we’ve dealt with. CDVH has done an amazing coaching job, (as usual)!
I think it’s coach of the year worthy.

Warren Nolan’s RPI rankings is almost identical to the NCAA RPI rankings. The only difference between them in the top 40 teams is that Clemson & Miami swap places. There is much more useful info one can find using Nolan’s rankings.

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Yeah, except the selection committee doesn’t use Nolan’s rankings. But the breakdowns are helpful

Agreed. I read the Warren Nolan site almost daily during baseball season.

Jeff, you have always had an issue with Warren Nolan (and Boyd, for that matter) that I fail to understand. Sure, it’s NOT the official RPI, and no one (as far as I know) is saying it is.

On the other hand, once you get into the season several games, it is almost identical to the real rankings (for example, I just checked and we are also #6 in his pseudo-RPI rankings).

So, his rankings are what they are - NOT official, but damn close to the real thing AND updated much more frequently. For the purposes of discussions in forums such as this, they ARE the same. I notice even you have referenced them several times this season in various discussions between “real” RPI updates.

And I’ll say this too…IF the real RPI was (for whatever reason) not available to the NCAA Selection committee, the results of their selection would be the same if they used Warren’s version instead.

So, I get your point…that the two are not 100% identical. I agree and understand that Warren’s (and Boyd’s) rankings are just very, very good estimates of the REAL RPI.

Hmm. I’m not sure we can easily slip to a #17, but I can see it happen with our remaining - very tough schedule plus the SEC Tourney. We must get a right handed bat back - like yesterday.

Also remember that host sites are not just automatically given out according to RPI

There will be some teams with Top 16 RPI which do not host

A Top 8 probably guarantees a host but not necessarily seeded to host a Super

I don’t think Arkansas is guaranteed a host site just yet.

At this point I hope they at least get a regional but with a strong finish there’s no reason they don’t get a top 8 National seed! That’s my opinion.

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