Updated Player Weights. #GAINS

http://www.arkansasrazorbacks.com/sport … bl/roster/

Cook is back to 6-8. Wasn’t he listed at 6-7 on the first roster? I’ve wondered if Beard wouldn’t be better served by shedding a little weight.

I hope that 265 on Thompson is not accurate. I was hoping he would be a bit more lean this year. I would think that he would be more effective at 245-250.

I initially thought the same thing, but he looks good to me. Just a big kid.

The guys seem to be buying into the strength and conditioning coach’s process. Who is the bball strength coach?

I just wish gaining weight was a good thing in my world

:lol: Yeah me too. If you live long enough it will be again. Most Super Seniors struggle to keep weight on.

Adam Pettway(Sp?). He is very well respected in the S&C field. A lot of former hog players come back to work out with him and so does Wallace Spearman.

Glad to see that CJ Jones is heavier than 168lbs, up to 175lbs according to this list.
He really needs to be at least in the 185lb+ range at 6’-5" to bang in the SEC.