Updated NIT Brackets!

The latest info updated this morning on this site doesn’t include the Hogs. Bracketology 2019-NCAA Tournament / NIT Projections. Not good!

Just a few more hours and we’ll know. Looks like lots of regular season conference champions will get into NIT because then didn’t win the automatic NCAA bid by winning their conference tournament. That boots teams that were previously considered 7-8 seeds, like Arkansas. I don’t know whether all those mid-major conference teams have been decided, but it will be close whether SEC gets in with South Carolina, Alabama or Arkansas.

I have a reasonable, serious question for someone to answer. What is the purpose of playing in today’s NIT Tournament? The NCAA tournament used to have a field of 24 teams, so the NIT did have a purpose. It was kind of a competitive thing with the NCAA tournament and the NIT. Today, that is not the case. With the play in games you have the top 68 teams…there is no real need to have a tournament with these also-rans is there? What is the reason…money? It is certainly not prestige.

This is the top NIT guy here, he has us firmly in as a 5 seed

I’m guessing the site you are referring to is this one?

Which is weird that we aren’t in his bracket because Thursday they had us as a 2 seed and on the NCAA tournament bubble. I don’t know how go from the NCAA tournament bubble to not even in the NIT in 2 days after losing to a team with a top 35 NET. I’m starting to question how much effort and research is done into this one, because his stuff is quite different from Lunardi’s as far the the bubble. Also, some of the teams he has in front of us in the NIT have pretty bad resume’s compared to us, I don’t think there’s anyway some of the teams on his list beat us out for a spot.

Our resume is 65 NET, 53 SOS, 5 Q1/Q2 wins, No Q4 Losses.

Fresno St (listed as a 5 seed) - 80 NET, 96 SOS, 1 Q1/Q2 win, 1 Q4 Loss.
Wichita State (listed as a 6 seed) - 83 NET, 78 SOS, 5 Q1/Q2 wins, no Q4 Losses.
San Francisco (listed as a 6 seed) - 74 NET, 100 SOS, 1 Q1/Q2 win, no Q4 Losses.
East Tenn St Univ (Listed as a 5 seed) - 72 NET, 137 SOS, 1 Q1/Q2 win, no Q4 Losses.
South Carolina (Listed as a 5 seed) - 81 NET, 45 SOS, 7 Q1/Q2 wins, 1 Q4 Loss.

Just looking at those resume’s there’s not even an argument that could put 4 of those teams I listed ahead of us. Unless the committee just wants more mid majors in the tournament. And the only argument for South Carolina is they have 2 more Q1/Q2 wins. But, they also have 1 really bad Q4 losses, they actually almost have 2 Q4 losses. And the biggest thing about them, the committee has never selected a team that had below a .500 record against D1 competition. 1 of their wins is against a D2 opponent. I think around the 5 seed area is the most accurate of where we are at if you’re comparing resumes to other NIT teams.

Same purpose as playing in a football bowl game that doesn’t lead to a National Championship. Gets the players and coaches more practices and something to play for, universities make money off ticket sales, and gives the fans something to watch. Win/win for all 3.

My question is, if we get a bid, looks like we would play Memphis, I not sure we could beat them in Fayetteville or Memphis. Another day or two of practice ISN’T going to help us for next year

Games help young players! Also I wouldn’t give Memephis the edge in a game anywhere!

I hate when people say this. It IS NOT the top 68 teams. You take out the auto conference qualifier and several of those in the field won’t be. We are actually ranked 65 in Net, if it truly was the Top 68 we’d be in. But I know that’s an answer to a different question.

To your question, I think it depends, This has been brought up a few times this year, it’s extra games and extra practices. We have a relatively young team (I believe the 2nd youngest in the nation), it allows extra practice time that they would not get (I consider the NIT on par with the Texas Bowl that many on here would be excited about if we got to this year) if they just ended the season against FL. I know some don’t like that but those extra practices, even if just 2-3 is more than 253 other teams are getting to do. Now, if it was last year and a SR laden team, I wouldn’t see it the same way. For a young team it also gives tournament experience, even if it’s not THE tournament.

Stop the bleeding now. Out BB program has fallen so far. We need new leadership and a complete overhaul. Our fan base deserves better.

Agree completely. I was about to post the same thing.

In addition, I hope that guy’s bracket is right. I’d certainly drive to Memphis to see the game also. In fact, Memphis is closer than Fayetteville for me, but given a choice, obviously I’d prefer it were in Fayetteville.

Question. I don’t remember how the NIT starts their first round. If the scenario of playing the game in Memphis or Fayetteville happens, is that just a 2 team, one game event. Or would 2 other teams be assigned to Memphis or Fayetteville and have a 2 game - 2 day event?

I sure hope we accept an NIT bid. It’s not for you fans, it’s for the kids that earned a right to play in it. They think they have something to play for.

I believe the higher seeds for each game hosts until the FF then they all go to NY.

Another NIT update.


Wonder what the difference in the $$$$ (bids) to host say the NIT/CBI/CIT ?

I don’t know but, some legit teams are starting to play in them. West Virginia, who I’d say is a top 15 program the past few years, had a down year with a young team and they are doing the CBI this year.

Wonder if we would

I doubt it. I’m pretty sure we’re in the NIT, question is whether we are hosting or away team. I’d be shocked if the committee turned us down, we got good attendance, a superstar player to market, and our NET is better than most. I think 5 or 6 seed is our most likely spot. We submitted a bid to a host a game, so may be a chance we get a 5 seed, but get matched up against Dayton (who can’t host) and we ended hosting that way. If not, I see them matching us up against Memphis with us being the away team, that rivalry will generate ticket sales.

CBI and CIT are both pay to play. NIT, I’m sure you give them a cut of ticket sales if you play at home, but it isn’t pay to play.

Last NIT brackets are out.

https://www.dratings.com/predictor/bracketology/ - 6 Seed

https://bauertology.blogspot.com/2019/0 … acket.html - 5 Seed

https://twitter.com/nybuckets/status/1107371833228230657 - 5 Seed

If I’m correct on this, I believe in the first one, our first game would be Texas. Am I reading that correctly. 1st and potentially last game against the same team, how many times has that happened?

Second one we play Memphis? But is it away?