Updated: Most division championships

I looked this up earlier today. These are the head coaches of the division champions (including ties) since the league split into divisions in 1992.

Skip Bertman, LSU, 8
Paul Mainieri, LSU, 6
Kevin O’Sullivan, Florida, 6
Ray Tanner, South Carolina, 6
Dave Van Horn, Arkansas, 5
Tim Corbin, Vanderbilt, 5
Rod Delmonico, Tennessee, 4
Mike Bianco, Ole Miss, 4
Andy Lopez, Florida, 3
Jim Wells, Alabama, 3
John Cohen, Kentucky/Mississippi State, 2
Dave Perno, Georgia, 2
Ron Polk, Georgia, 1
Norm DeBriyn, Arkansas, 1
Chad Holbrook, South Carolina, 1
Hal Baird, Auburn, 1
Pat McMahon, Florida, 1
Joe Arnold, Florida, 1
Chris Lemonis, Mississippi State, 1

Didn’t Norm have a couple as well? I’m not saying he should be on the list - just asking for perspective, since LSU has two at the top.

Norm had one, in 1999. In addition to the two LSU coaches on the list, Smoke Laval won two during his five seasons from 2002-06.

1999 was somewhat like this year, except the East was even more terrible then than now (SoCar won the East at 15-15). Five West teams made the NCAAT, SoCar was the only East team to get in. We had to win 22 games to win the West because Bama won 21.

Interesting in that since Jim Wells retirement at Alabama, for the most part haven’t been worth a flip. Makes us appreciate DVH more and hope he stays here until HE decides to retire. I can’t imagine Dave coaching anywhere else!

I doubt that he can imagine that either.

IIRC, Texas expressed some interest a few years back, and he declined. If he didn’t bail for them, I can’t conceive of anywhere else he’d leave us for. I hope we continue to treat him right and I expect that we will. If so, he’s here until he retires.