Updated list of offers for hoops?

Seems like there are new offers being discussed on twitter nearly every day now. Not sure what the level of interest is of any of these 2020 or 2021 guys but the level of activity is impressive.

Seems like CEM is quicker to pull the trigger on a formal offer than Mike was.

Your last statement is spot on.

My impression is that Mike did all the proper evaluation of the recruit including skills, academics, character, parents, etc before making the offer. Once the offer was made Mike stick by it if the recruit commits.

Muss seems to be making offers before all the evaluation is done. And then if the evaluation comes up with red flags, I assume he will withdraw the offer. I believe most coaches do it this way and not the way Mike does it.

Sure Dudley will update.

I’d love to get Dudley’s take on this, but I don’t know if I believe that Muss is doing any less evaluation than CMA except for one thing - knowing that the recruit is really, really interested. I think CMA wanted to know that he had a really, really good chance.

I agree with Razor I’m sure Coach Muss does his research before he offers anyone. This isn’t his first job.

I have no doubt that skills evaluation is done before an offer is made by Muss. I am sure he is not making offers based on recruiting rankings. What I was referring to is research on academics, etc, not the basketball skills.

This was not a shot at Muss. I said I believed that most coaches do it the way Muss does it.

Also what Razor said is probably a key difference. That is, Mike does not make an offer until he knows that there is a reasonable interest from the recruit.

PJ I know you weren’t taking a shot at Coach Muss. That’s definitely not something you would do. I didn’t mean to imply that at all.

Not sure I agree about Mike wanted to know if Arkansas had a strong of chance or not. They swung for the fences and most of the time didn’t have much of a chance other than high profile in-state guys. Moses’ friendship with Portis and playing with the Wings helped there. Jimmy Whitt had a prior relaltionship with Anderson and Watkins.

Keyshawn Embery was a good get.

I believe MA was more willing to make his interest public only if a recruit gave good feedback. Muss is playing a numbers game…if you are showing love to 25 elite juniors and strike out on 20 then what do you end up with still :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And player’s who end up in a future college portal never forget that prior relationship established in H.S.

I thought Jaylen Barford was a even better get for them.

on Tuesday.