Updated lineup discussion

Dave Van Horn was asked how he might construct his lineup today. This was his answer, assuming these are the players who start:

LF Braydon Webb
RF Heston Kjerstad
DH Matt Goodheart
SS Casey Martin
C Casey Opitz
CF Christian Franklin
1B Cole Austin
3B Jacob Nesbit
2B Robert Moore

In mentioning Franklin and Opitz, and Moore and Nesbit, Van Horn said those places could flip flop (5 to 6, 8 to 9, etc.).

Wow Moore starting is a surprise,I know how highly thought of he is,but he must really be looking good in their workouts.Hopefully he can help in the field and at the plate.

Van Horn also said something along the lines of Webb and Franklin are interchangeable in that both could hit leadoff or down in the order. He sounded pretty impressed with the power Franklin has shown of late.

Van Horn said Moore still has to earn it. I think his biggest competition might be from Zack Gregory, who is a lot stronger and is a tough out. Gregory can play second or third, and so can Jacob Nesbit. Cole Austin can play third. Heston Kjerstad and Cason Tollett are working out some at first base as secondary positions.

There are a lot of interchangeable parts on this year’s team.

How good of hitter is Moore, seems like most of the write-ups rave about his incredible defense, how quick he is,how good he turns a double play.

Moore will have struggles at the plate as most freshman. His best tool is his glove. He will have to hit some since the margin of error defensively isn’t huge between him and a kid like Gregory. Doubt DVH would keep a major hole in the lineup if Moore is a bit overmatched at the plate.

yeah probably will .but defensively he is already next level. so we will see.

It helps that Moore is a switch hitter. That protects him from the nemesis of almost all freshmen trying to figure out SEC pitching, the slider away. Most high school pitchers have not mastered that nasty pitch. So hitters just haven’t seen it enough when they first get to college. The other tough part for Morre, he didn’t get that indoctrination from the UA staff (and most can throw the slider) in the fall. I was amazed at what I saw as far as plate discipline and knowledge of the zone in the Saturday scrimmage.

I have been very much surprised with how well he’s done so far. He doesn’t have to be a great hitter, just be good enough to get a hit every now and then .250 maybe and play very solid defense which I’ve pretty sure he’s capable of doing.

An SEC coach who has seen him play a lot in high school and travel ball said Moore will hit in the SEC. And, he will do some things with the bat (bunt, hit and run) that will be valuable. This guy called him a complete player. He said his background in baseball makes him “can’t miss.” He also raves about Drayton Moore, the dad.

He will be a very pleasant added surprise to this team that I wasn’t expecting.

I’m like you Billy, the .250 number is a good target number for a true freshman. His defense will keep him in the lineup. But, as Matt suggested, Gregory is a good option at second, too.

I believe this team is going to be incredibly deep,I’ve heard nothing but good things about Gregory. DVH says he’s a very tough out… can’t wait to see this team get started.we have a very tough schedule to start the year this year,much tougher than in the past,we will have to have some very good performances by some inexperience picthers but I’m looking forward to seeing how they do.

Playing and gaining experience in the non conference portion has Been DVH’s training ground to figure out the rotation and roles of the bullpen. Also that where the young staters get their feet wet! I love non conference the only thing that bothered me last season was not beating Texas in that last game!

Needed one or two more young pitchers to finish off that last Texas game.

Yes and Texas use there closer to finish off the game and they immediately lost on Friday because of that…DVH ain’t doing that LOL

I would love to see HK as our regular 1st sacker this season…unless during off-season he has vastly improved as an OF’er.

Heston looked ok at first in the fall. But I expect him to play right field. They do have more options this year. At some point, Goodheart might be able to throw a little and can play first.

Texas don’t want to get swept by the hogs!

We are lucky just to have Matt Goodheart batting at this point! He can flat out hit! Heston will play wherever DVH puts him. With all the options on this team it makes it possible to rest a few guys in the mid week and let other players get some reps and experience.
After the way Heston hit the ball on team USA he could have a monster year!