Updated: Jordan Danberry, Tatiyana Smith leave women's basketball team

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I caught a little flack on this board regarding my comments on JD a couple of years ago. I had just seen her play on Championship Saturday in Hot Springs and was underwhelmed. She didn’t look like a 5* recruit to me that day. In fact, she didn’t look high D-1. She played with a low motor and her body language suggested she might have an attitude problem. I take no joy in being right about this. I hope she gets it together and finishes her education somewhere.

I saw her play five times while in high school and was always very impressed on both offense and defense,

I did not see her play enough in college to gauge why she was not living up to the billing.

I sincerely hope this was a decision based on playing time and not the fans’ reaction to her stance, threats, etc.

That could be a big negative for Coach Dykes and the program going forward if it is.

I would not put the basketball part of it to high to me it’s more about attitude! Generation X has went crazy with liberal ways. Send some of these young people to see life in the Middle East or even Russia and they would respect being an American! It’s my opioion the knee down is more in line to attitude and playing time. I do wish the young Lady Luck and hope she is successful !

If it’s lack of PT, that’s a shame.

A lot of kids, not all seem to run when things don’t go right. I wish more parents were like my mom and her generation.

I believe my generation has coddled their kids and haven’t raised them with the tough love they experienced in their upbringing. It’s much softer generation of kids and it’s because of people my age.

Word. And I’m in the same boat age wise as you RD. I try to be very deliberate with my son about what and why but it’s not always easy.

I do not get these responses.

Maybe she just did what was best for her?

OBVIOUSLY, transferring was a thing before millennials, and it has been done by players from all sorts of backgrounds, with all kinds of views, for decades.

Transfers are at an all time high. It’s this generation. http://www.newsobserver.com/sports/coll … 17397.html

Is this the case with her, don’t know, but she didn’t start the first six games.

If that was a viable reason, why would she leave? Seriously, when you decide to protest you have to expect some sort of backlash, look at Kaepernick, he started the “kneeling” and has been lambasted for it. He didn’t quit.

I vehemently disagree. There are dozens of reasons outside of generational parenting that explains that shift, such as: living in a more mobile society, having much more readily accessible information about other schools, vastly more exposure to other teams nationwide, the advent of the graduate transfer rule in 2006, the number of athletics programs - and players - is higher than it has ever been, and on and on and on.

But we can agree to disagree. I still love your work. :smiley:

We can do that and thanks.

I agree with you. I see those as the reasons why transfers are on the rise. I bet you anything if the previous generation had the opportunity to easily transfer they would have done the same. Getting a better deal for yourself is a human thing, not a generational thing.

This guy must of read this post and he agrees with me. I agree with the vast majority of what he’s saying but to say kids don’t have some responsibility isn’t true.



THANKS. That was great!

Of course, you hate for good players to transfer. However, players should have the same rights as anyone else. The practice that they must sit out a year or two and get permission to transfer is outrageous. Coaches and staff are not required to get permission and sit out a year if they change jobs and other students don’t need permission to change schools.

Even worse, athletes don’t have workers comp in the event of injury. If injured, the college can pull their scholarship and not even pay their medical expenses.

Comments: if you think we’ve won to any fashion you still don’t get. The residual effects from this can hurt recruiting for years come, and other schools recruiters will continue to fan the flames when you think it’s over. These young millennials should not be discounted for their stance.

Everyone should watch that,thanks. WPS

Never said kids can’t transfer. I just believe this generation of kids and in some cases parents are ready to bail when things don’t go right. How you deal with adversity will define your life in a lot of ways.

We taught them to do it