Updated ESPN hoop rankings

updated on Wednesday.

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And Muss’s streak of signing HS 4* is still alive. Pinion #99 and a 4*.

Derrian Ford is No. 69. He was No.58


Barry Dunning was No. 70 and is now No. 77.


Joseph Pinion cracked the top 100 at No. 99.


Richard, what are your current thoughts about us landing Walsh, and is Smith still in play for us? Is Nick still planning on visiting us next weekend, or is he likely to commit to Kentucky beforehand? Also, any new info on Lindsey? Sorry, lots of questions.

Still in play for Walsh. Smith is still slated to visit next weekend. Nothing new on Lindsay.

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This board will become a madhouse if we get two 5*.
I want us in another final four - soon.

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Pinion is No. 95. He was No. 99 last night. He must of put on a show between last night and this morning.


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