Updated ESPN 100 rankings for class of 2020

#38 Moody
#81 Davis
#87 Williams
#90 KK

Moody and KK have dropped but class remains at #5 in team rankings.

Incidentally Kyree Walker is #40. Should Arkansas sign him, it would vault us into #4, and the top non-blueblood class.

Isn’t that amazing how a kid signs with Arkansas and magically his recruiting ranking drops.
Hopefully, CEM will have so much success at Arkansas over the next several of years that program respect will have to follow.

Go Hogs!

The respect for the hogs won’t happen for a long time. There was no reason for any of these players to drop other than they signed with the Hogs.
Win and beat any and all opponents

I must add that any drop in ranking for Moody and KK is not really significant. Players move around in rankings every time the rankings come out. What is important that they are still Top 100, Moody is still Top 40. My disappointment is not some of them dropped a bit, but the fact that no one moved up in the ranking.

Again, I don’t know how these guys separate #30 to a #40. Is it based on stats? Is it based on some quantitative measurement or just a gut feel.

Precisely my point. If KK or Moses had signed with Kansas, Auburn or any of the other cheating programs then their ranking would probably risen.