Updated CBS Basketball rankings - Hogs top rated SEC team

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Yet our odds to win the tourney are lower than uk or bama… I don’t get how they ranked us top of the sec. is it based on a faith in coach muss to coach em up dramatically or based on what we have seen from Notae and Likes so far or what? What we have seen so far this year is a top ten team?

I have to admit I’m super anxious to see the first game we play to our potential. I think notae likes williams davis and toney all have potential to be all-sec (second) team caliber but they haven’t proved it yet. We will see

I wouldn’t waste too much time, nor put much stock in this. After just one game, it’s mostly guesswork. Will be until all of the teams have played at least a game or two against top level (Top 40, give or take) level teams.

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By the middle of January we might have a good idea how good the hogs will potentially be. They have a loaded roster they just need time to get used to playing together

It is interesting that of all the SEC teams listed in the Top 25, Arkansas is the only school with zero 5 stars on the roster. And Arkansas is listed as the top in pre-season rankings.

However, this may have something to do with the thought that odds for KY and Bama are better than Arkansas for tournament success.

That’s probably a pretty good guess. Last season on Jan. 16th, we were 10-4 and 2-4 in the SEC. We then proceeded to win 11 SEC games in a row. It’s also about the time that Devo started to get 20+ minutes a game. The rest is history.

KY was 10th, Bama was 14th and the Hogs were 16th in the CBS pre-season poll. They punished KY pretty badly for losing to Duke? Moved us up to where KY was at #10. Don’t know why they jumped us over Bama. Could be that they felt Notae, Toney, and Lykes looked better than they expected?

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Kentucky and Duke both looked very talented

Kentucky was also without Iowa transfer and 46% 3-point shooter CJ Fredrick.

Why do you always pump up Kentucky, PJ? Can’t you just enjoy them losing like the rest of us? You do remember Cal cancelling our series with them, when he was at Memphis, because we were a “regional team”? This was before he ever won a natty and eventually had to vacate 2 Final Fours. He is absolute pond scum…just like Pearl, Wade, and Howland. I will repeat the same thing I have said over and over, no basketball coach has ever done less with more than John Calipari.


Duke is better than KY with or without their transfer… coaching does matter.

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Absolutely coaching matters and Duke is better and Coach K is a better coach than Cal, but that does not mean Cal is a bad coach. Record speaks for itself.

Also, the current Duke team is more talented than the current Kentucky team. For the past few years, K has outrecruited Cal. I was thinking Cal was going to get frustrated and quit college coaching. His frustration affected his coaching last year,

But then Coach K decided to hang it up and Cal again has been able to get the normal top guys for the 2022 class. Cal seems re-energized.

Arn’t you happy…

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