Updated Bracketology

According to Palm, Florida, SCe and KY are in. Arkansas and Auburn are the first two teams in the first four out. Palm has us in the exact same position he had us in before the Vandy loss. So, the SEC could get 5 in, according to the guy that is down on the SEC

From his recent interviews on Bo’s show, Palm is an interesting guy

I’m surprised that he still has them that close from his comments.

But it must be - as Lunardi said - because the bubble is historically bad.


It’s not as doom and gloom and some have made it out to be. Lunardi also just updated his bracketlogy today and we’re in the field as well as Tennessee. He has 5 SEC teams in. Nobody listened when Lunardi said that the bubble this year is historically bad, we’re not the only team that has had struggles this year. Get a win @LSU, win the home games, and try to steal one of the @SC and @FL games and we’re probably a lock.

http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basket … acketology

Also, check this site out, came across it this morning. It gives teams percentage of making the field, projected record, chances for auto bid etc. They currently have Arkansas projected to have a 21-10 record, and they believe that will be enough to make the field as a 10 seed. Gives us a 43% chance of making the field.

https://www.teamrankings.com/ncaa-tourn … cketology/

LOL, I Posted at the same time as you. I was just saying Lunardi was saying bubble is historically bad as well.

What Palm always fails to factor in when he gets in Bo’s show is what Arkansas’s resume looks like compared to other teams on the bubble. He just always gives the criteria of what a good resume looks like. While he’s correct on what a good resume looks like that will get you in the tournament, 36 teams don’t have good looking resumes that meets every critera. There’s going to be some teams that have marquee wins, but they have a bunch of losses. There will be teams will be some teams that have a bunch of wins, but a poor SOS. What’s helping Arkansas we have a good out of conference SOS, a good record vs the RPI top 100, and we have 2 top 50 road wins. Not a lot of teams on the bubble have that.

I bet SC is excited to see TN as their possible 1st round game and AR in the same bracket

There is a possibility (based off remaining schedules) that KY, SC, FL, Bama, AR, TN, and AUB could all possibly get in if the bubble is really that weak. They could all end up with 20-25 wins prior to selection Sunday

You make it sound so simple…
Win at LSU (against another team DESPERATE for a win, sounds like Mizzou redux)
Win all the home games (we have already lost three)
Steal one on the road against a top 25 team

Piece of cake

Just don’t see anything from the way we are playing to make that sound likely.

But you never know, I guess
I didn’t think we could ever look this bad, so maybe I should expect the unexpected

No where in my post did I say it would be easy. What I gave was a path that would probably lock us in the tournament. I could be wrong on that and it could take more, or it could take less. Depends on what the other bubble teams do.

My whole point is, people are making posts like it’s all doom and gloom and there’s no path to the tournament. We see teams struggle, and come back finish the season strong all the time. It happens every single year around this time in college basketball. And it wouldn’t be like if we beat LSU and won our home games against lesser teams it would be the biggest upset in sports history. And South Carolina just lost to Alabama, who we blew out.

Didn’t mean to be confrontational.
There are obviously paths to the Tournament, such as you mentioned, or winning the SECT.

The gloom and doom is that we have not looked like a team anywhere near capable of navigating these paths.

We’ll see
I hope like crazy I am wrong

I guess I’m use to some posters being so negative anytime somebody posts something positive, I went straight to defense mode. If that wasn’t your intentions, my bad for jumping on ya.

Back to the topic, this LSU game will tell us a lot, it’s a really important game for us, we can’t afford anymore bad losses.

Praying for a win! At tip off what we see from their attitude will show us all a lot.

As I understand it, the top 25 RPI teams are in, the next few teams are likely but iffy. SC is #25, Arkansas, as of now, is too far down to make the cut. Arkansas must play themselves in.

Hmmmm…right now KY 55 Bama 49. Bama is 9 of 26 from FT line. Got to hit FT’s. KY is struggling