UPDATED: Arkansas-Missouri at War Memorial

Arkansas is going to play Missouri every other year as part of a restructured contract in Little Rock, according to sources.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … ocks-war-/

As a long time Hog fan, I like this. One question - This wont be the same year that hogs are team in Dallas, will it?


As of right now, yes. We’ll see if there is some restructuring to the A&M contract or if Arkansas and Missouri double up at one location two years in a row to even it out. Or it could be that they plan to play two SEC games in even years, which are when marquee opponents are supposed to come to Fayetteville.

When will we know more about stadium maintenance?

I aways loved the WMS games, but I must admit I don’t agree with it anymore. Especially with the amount of money it will require to fix the stadium. I think the money is better served elsewhere in Little Rock. Especially so when we have a fantastic stadium in NWA.

I don’t feel like the games in Little Rock help with recruiting either, they certainly don’t have the same awe factor that Fayetteville can.

I had heard around 3 this afternoon that Arkansas was getting ready to announce its War Memorial intentions. I think it could be tomorrow, but I’m not 100 percent sure about that.

This is a concession for both sides, but it is obvious to me that support for the War Memorial game is waning. Assuming our sources are right about it being Missouri and no games in even-numbered years, the last four contracts between the UA and WMS (in 2000, 2008, 2013 and 2018) have all decreased the amount of games Arkansas is obligated to play there.

I thought we received an exception to play a spring game there. Supposedly you could not play the spring game off campus. Was that true or not?

This is kicking the can down the road again. A $3m bone. Seems crazy to me.

Very good news - will help further solidify the Razorbacks as a statewide brand for years to come.

This will be officially announced in the morning at 10 o’clock.

Completely disagree. Not saying the decision is wrong, but I don’t think this or any decision will solidify them as a statewide brand. Too many will be against this. As Matt said, opposition to LR games seems to be growing with the continual decreasing amount of games being in each contract renewal. Actually, if games are to continue there, I think this may be the best decision. But I doubt it brings the fanbase together.

After being a 40 yr donor, I’m officially done with my football donation. After spending 160 Million in DWRRS they take away a SEC game and put it in that dump they call War Memorial.

I have many memories from WMS, I saw my first game as a young child there to the miracle on Markham. I live in Benton and it’s long time for all the games to be moved to Campus.

I’m just once voice and one opinion. I’ll now donate my funds to the baseball program, at least it’s a winning program.


Man, I wish I had known you were going to do that sooner. I chose my seats today, and got a little better pair of seats than I had last year. But if I’d waited I probably could have gotten yours instead, since I’ve only been donating 30 years or so. Oh well, enjoy the baseball games.

I’m right there with you! I gave up my football tickets after 20+ years. I upgraded from 4 to 5 in the south outdoor club a year ago. Moving the Ole Miss game to LR drastically change the value of the season ticket package. From now on, I’m just going to pick the games I want to go to; maybe 2-3 home games and a road game or two.

I’m only donating for basketball. Not giving up the BB tickets.

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I renewed my tickets with the understanding that Arkansas would maintain a presence in LR. If I’d heard they were pulling out I would not have done so.

It’s one game every two years… a very good and appropriate compromise.

I applaud this decision. Thanksgiving weekend is the ideal time to play in the Rock. Hopefully this rivalry can rise to the level of the LSU series.

Missouri will never replace LSU for the thanksgiving game! Not in my mind. It stinks to not be playing LSU on Turkey day or the day after.

Home game! That should be a home game for the players! If they are going to play games in Little Rock they need to fix WMS. For all the folks that want the games played at WMS where’s the cash going to come from to fix the old stadium!

The other issue why spend the money on the hill if your not going to play your home games there? That includes the games at Jerry’s world.

I’m reminded of one of my favorite movie scenes -

Death by a thousand cuts. I’m sure that’s what they’re thinking here. But the amount of time they’ve drawn this whole thing out is really starting to irritate me. Either it’s good to play in LR and you keep the same number of games there, or it’s not good and you end it.

Crap or get off the pot.

A redeeming feature of moving the Missouri game is that it is Thanksgiving weekend and the students are usually on holiday, wherever that might be. But, the “Border War” just got moved a good distance from the border. I’m trying to understand all the facts here. Regardless, I usually am eating leftovers and sitting in front of the TV for this game anyway, so it really doesn’t matter where it is played to me.

I will never understand why playing in a half empty stadium with beach balls in the stands, that looks and feels like crap, is a good look on NATIONAL television for the university of Arkansas.

We are the only team in the SEC that doesn’t play 2 games at our home stadium.

And then we have the audacity to wonder why recruits don’t want to come here.


Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting.

Now we lose a spring game every other year as well. We are hurting ourselves in the recruiting world by holding onto something that needs to be done.