UPDATED AND OFFICIAL: Morris to Arkansas

We have confirmed that Chad Morris is finishing up paperwork to become Arkansas’ head coach. He will arrive in Fayetteville this afternoon.

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Great to hear!

Thanks, Matt.

Thanks, Matt. After PC tomorrow I hope you get some well-deserved time off!

I’m hopefule, optimistic and it feels real good!

Woo Pig !!

congrats coach morris. go hawgs

Welcome. W P S

I’m hopeful that the curse has finally been lifted, but that remains to be seen.

Is there any truth to the rumors that he is trying to get good buddy Brent Venables here as DC and assistant head coach. If so, thinking that would be awesome resulting in stellar recruiting on both sides of the ball. Rumor is they would pay him 2+ million per year to accept. Love to know what you are hearing

I like this hire. We learned we didn’t have the athletes to play smashmouth. I’m all for a different offense.

When I first heard his name brought up a few weeks ago I did what most fans probably did and went, “Who?” And then looked at SMU’s record and went, “No thanks.” However, over the last couple of weeks as I read more and more I grew to the idea. I am not going to say it “knocked my socks off” but frankly, everyone out there had their positives and negatives. It was taking a chance no matter what (yes, even with Saint Gus).

I am not upset. I was upset 5 years ago when we hired BB.

Take that for what it is worth!

Now that he has been hired, I am “all in!” Lets go Hogs!

Dilly Dilly

Just curious. Why were you upset when we hired BB 5 yrs ago? Most everyone thought it was a home run hire.

I’m not Greg, but

There were several people that claimed to be upset. However, when Bret was hired I called it a colossal mistake. I looked at his style and said following Petrino and who was left on campus that it would take Bret at least 10 years to out Bama, both Bama and LSU. Everyone, including Greg told me I was wrong. I said, we wouldn’t know because the fanbase would turn on him and get him fired (I was told I was wrong on this as well). I also said Long would be gone in 5 years (though I thought he’d leave on his own).

Now, at the time people were using the baseball description of HR hire. I called it a pop fly out, looks good and then crushes your dreams. Some, and I do believe Greg was one, called it a ground rule double.

If everyone pays attention to the games, and I know most put on blinders and only watch AR, but you can get a feel of coaches and their abilities and how it’ll translate in the SEC. Bret was a good guy to change the culture, but he wasn’t the right coach for football.

Now, having said that, Morris has me excited. I like what I’ve read about him (I haven’t seen much SMU, but did see Clemson when he was there). If he can get a good D, he will be a very good coach, only issue is, I 100% expect in five years that both Gus and Jimbo are out of a job. I have a feeling Morris is gonna do good enough that when aTm fires Jimbo, they’ll come calling. aTm is his dream job. And the “powers that be” will once again try to board the Gus Bus.

I thought it was Houston Nutt II. Same type of offense. I also thought he was going to try to “out Bama Bama.” I was of the opinion we needed to do something different than Bama to compete with them. They are going to be better than us at doing their thing than we can be. Did that mean a BP type offense? Could have been. Heck, being different could have meant we were running the wishbone! I just wanted something that was different.

I remember posting something to the effect of “we went to a lot of trouble and have gone through a lot a heartache to replace HDN with HDN light” (again, something like that).

All that being said, I was willing to give him a chance. Lord knows I don’t know enough about football to pick a coach for us! I didn’t like some of the things he (and his wife on at least once occasion) said early on (I kept saying, “shut up and win”) but he did start to grow on me. I was starting to come around to him by the end of year 3. Still wasn’t sold, but coming around. I FOR SURE wasn’t calling for him to be gone. Even this year at mid year I thought the idea that he would be gone was stupid. Again, shows what I know.

Bake, not going to say for sure it didn’t happen, but I don’t recall saying that. I kept saying he was a HDN rerun. I don’t doubt I doubted the “10 year” thing (in that he wouldn’t get 10 years) but I said from day one “we can’t out Bama Bama.” I am sure I didn’t make that phrase up, but I used it from day one.

I’m just telling you, what I remember from that first day. I don’t remember anyone, except BHH that agreed with me. And no one would admit agreeing with Hip. However, I’m seeing a lot of people that are saying the Bret hiring was a mistake and they said so 5 years ago, I did, and I only remember BHH also calling it an out. He called it a strike out.

Heck, I actually remember, and I said this earlier this year (I can’t find the statement anywhere), that at the time Bret made a quip about Long and had said, “It’ll be nice to work for an AD that doesn’t call down during the game and say, run this or you’re fired.” I took that as Alvarez being an intelligent coach and correcting mistakes that Bret was making. Everyone else at the time thought it was a shot at Alvarez for not letting him coach the Rose Bowl. Now, looking back on the past year and Alvarez’s statement at the TD club, it looks like I interpreted it the right way, but again I can’t find the statement.

Now, as for Morris, I have a different feel about him, from what you’ve said so far, I think you might as well. However, we have people on different boards that are literally frustrated over this hire, the way I was over Bret (I was so bad about Bret and the Allen’s that a few on the old HI board asked me where I was the night BA’s truck burned). I just think this guy is better than Bret. We will see, but I’m actually excited. Guy hit the ground running.

As I have said 2 weeks ago and was chastised by some-- " change can be a positive " for the program—

Great hire --AD and HC
Now let’s go kick a$&!!

I wasn’t smart enough to pick up on the Alvarez thing and I assumed he was a good coach. But I promise you I said on DAY 1 that I thought he was “Houston Dale Nutt Light” and/or “Houston Dale Nutt Jr.” and that I didn’t like the hire because I didn’t think we could “out Bama Bama.” I remember having to explain what I meant by not being able to “out Bama Bama.” (I say DAY 1, and I think that is true, but it may have been day 2 or even 3 or 4 before I knew enough about him to realize he was basically HDN. I really wasn’t that familiar with him until he took the UofA job. We had played them in a bowl game, but other than that I hadn’t paid much attention to them).

I remember getting RIPPED for calling him HDN Light.