Updated: 2018 schedule

UPDATE: The football schedule was supposed to be released Wednesday, but that has been postponed until next week, according to the Ross Dellenger of The Advocate newspaper in Baton Rouge. A couple of schools, Mississippi State and Georgia, didn’t get the memo in time and leaked their schedules, although they have since been removed from their websites. According to the MSU schedule, the game against Arkansas will be Nov. 17 next year in Starkville.

EARLIER: There are some rumblings that the 2018 SEC schedule is going to be released this week, perhaps as soon as tonight. With the nonconference games in place, that would finalize the '18 schedule. Basically what we’re waiting to see are SEC dates and if the Razorbacks will host Vanderbilt in Little Rock. There should be only one off week again next season.

Here is a look at what we know about it now:

Sept. 1 - vs. Eastern Illinois
Sept. 8 - at Colorado State
Sept. 15 - vs. North Texas
Oct. 20 - vs. Tulsa

Ole Miss

Mississippi State (has since been announced as Nov. 17)
Missouri (should be Nov. 23 or Nov. 24, depending on whether it is moved for TV)
Texas A&M (in Arlington on the fourth Saturday in September, which would be Sept. 22)

like the idea of 3 non-conference games to give new qb a chance to get used to being the leader of the offense

I don’t think the schedule was set up with that in mind, but it does work out well in that regard.

I’m looking forward to the trip to Colorado State. Arkansas will be the first SEC team to play in that stadium, so it should be a great road environment. That should help the new QB - presumably Kelley - as well.

Boy I look forward to playing Montgomery’s Tulsa squad…not

We will lose to Tulsa, calling it now.

I like what Phillip is doing there vs what CBB is doing here.

We will have a new QB next year but the TE and WR will have some experience.
That should help!
The Bye week will probably be the 4 week next year. It would be nice to have the bye week 6 or 7.

Experienced Receivers mean NOTHING if there is not a QB that can get the ball to them… Will TY still be a Hog next year??? I doubt it! I predict either ATU or UCA as his transfer destination!!!


Hope he’s at the top of the list if Bret decides to take a better job! :smiley:

I like him.

But I’d love to see Frank wilson at the top.

We need an elite recruiter, that we can get at a decent price. Then power up on Coordinators if they choose to.

Updated the original post.

This will be announced within the hour.