Looks like the weather from the North will be arriving by 7 instead of 9. I wish they could move game time up an hour. The future radar does not look good.

Yeah you’re right. I didn’t we would have to worry about weather this weekend, but should have know better than that

It’s partly cloud around Fayetteville at 1:15, hopefully with some cloud cover it will be keep temps down some, maybe the thunderstorms will die out before they get here

Looks like it will be long night possibly,I’m with you start at 400 might be ok

They really can’t start early because of TV

That storm prediction sure came out of nowhere

Exactly Doc, didn’t think we had any worries this weekend but like I said I should have known better than that.looks like we will definitely have a long delay starting about the 6th inn

Well on the good side if there is a delay, Kopps with his inhuman recovery time could pitch before the storm, get some rest and then finish the game! :rofl: :innocent:

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