Update request - Andrew Parker

Just dawned upon me that I hand’t heard his name since early in pre-fall camp. IIRC, he had some sort of injury - but I don’t remember it being season ending.

Can the insiders comment and/or ask about Parker and report back?

Thanks in advance.

I think i heard he’s hurt like so many of many of our guys…Billy Farrell the big DT has been hurt almost the whole time he’s been here.

OL Dylan Hays, I believe has also been injury since early Fall camp. I wonder if Farrell and Hays may be placed on medical hardship.

Hamstring. He’s expected back soon.

I think a lot of kids come in hurt…especially from smaller schools that don’t have the trainers, facilities, programs, medical attention, etc. that is available in D-1 or very large high schools.

I also think in some cases a kid gets injured and needs surgery and/or specific treatment and the family lacks the means to seek full treatment.

At this point, it almost makes sense to make sure he plays in no more than 4 games so we preserve his red shirt.

At this point, Parker is still trying to get back on the field. Should be soon. Ferrell’s knee surgery was complicated. I am doubtful that he plays this year. Parker may make it back. Hays is a tricky deal, one of those back issues that is hard to fix. I’m sure it’s some kind of disc situation.