Update on Stromberg and Wagner

Crap that would a huge huge loss… this will be by far the best defensive line we’ve seen this year. I don’t like the sound of that.
I thought by the way Ricky walked off the field he might be okay with some treatment but it may be more severe than it looked I have no idea other than Wagner was had some back issues flare up again.

If it turns out we play without them, I figure the betting line will go to 8 0r 10. Bad news for sure if they are out for the game,

Back issues always scare me. Maybe it’s because I’ve had back issues myself, but those things can be awful.

Yeah back issues for an offensive lineman are never good because it hurts to even get down in your stance,much less fire out of meet stiff resistance like he will have every week in the SEC. I’m thinking we may be without him for a little while.

The one good thing we have going for us is that Clary has played center before and can do an adequate job, he’s not as powerful a run blocker as Stromberg but when you have Limmer besides you helping you double team you will move who’s in front of you trust me…

I wish big Crawford was ready to step in there for Wagner at right tackle because by all accounts he moves what he hits but Texas a&m has an incredibly quick defensive end who might turn him every which way but loose so Latham maybe better suited to handle that quickness.

We may be okay, I would much rather have them in there but at least we have experience stepping in in their place

I figure playing without Stromberg is similar to playing without Moses last year in basketball. Never a good thing.

We will miss Ricky for sure if he’s not in there but Clary played a full season there and can make all the calls. So we could be in much worse shape than we are if he were not replacing him

Next man up. We have more depth than we have in a long, long time. They will be missed for sure.

I think Stromberg ends up playing!
It would be nice to be at full strength but they may have to play without one or even both of them.

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