Update on OL Kelby Wickline

As noted in the Florida visitors post, he plans to officially visit Arkansas this weekend.

Jones County Community College Coach Steve Buckley said Wickline plans to officially visit TCU and North Carolina. He’s undecided on his fifth trip.

Buckley said Wickline will not officially visit Oklahoma State or West Virginia, but will unofficially visit the two schools since he grew up in Stillwater and his father coaches at West Virginia.

Wickline, 6-4 1/4, 282 will be a Dec. grad and will have three years to play three.

He and his mother will arrive Friday.

FWIW, hearing he’s not a shoe in to play for his father. We shall see.

So, I’m assuming Joe is his father then. Does anyone know what their connection to Arkansas is? Joe has a daughter that went to high school in Dumas (I dated one of her best friends years ago so knew her back when she lived in Dumas). But I have no clue if Joe ever lived in Dumas or if he’s from Arkansas or just what.

Anyone know?

No ties I know about. He was born in Florida and has been a college coach since 1982.

Ok, well he definitely has a daughter that is from Dumas and shares his last name. I could be nosy on Facebook and probably find out that backstory, but I won’t go down that road since no telling where it leads.

Sure she’s his daughter?

Yes, 100% certain on that.

I think this explains the Arkansas connection. Joe started out at Delta State right across the bridge in MS.