Update on Nate Allen

Nate will continue writing for our website and the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Expect to see his column resume here next week.

Interesting … and welcome news.

So Nate will write for the Arkansas Democrat/Gazette-Fayetteville. :wink:

Good one, Porker. I hoped the Demozette might re-think their idiotic practice regarding the University of Arkansas, but they continue to ignore the wishes of their readers. Normally, a business tries to make their customers happy, but this paper defies logic. Just simply quit referring to the University of Arkansas as the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. Stop. Desist.

Nate will also continue to write for Hawgs Illustrated. He asked for a window of rest during his recovery from cancer surgery. But he’ll start writing the Where Are They Now stories after this issue. He and I discussed that today. I wrote them this fall and for the last two issues. I like doing those stories, so I didn’t mind. But Nate does an outstanding job with these type stories.

Clay, you and Nate both do a stellar job with those stories. We will have great articles either way.

I always liked Nate’s columns. He & OH were “must reads” for me back in the day of the old Arkansas Gazette. Never read the Democrat.