Update on my wife

Its been awhile since I posted. Since its my wife’s 60th birthday (I married a slightly older woman…smartest decision I ever made), I figure now is a good time.

As I posted back in March, Mary was supposed to have surgery on April 22. We came to the Mayo Clinic for scans etc. in March–and were sent home due to COVID. She did two rounds of chemo in the interim, and we came back three weeks ago. She has been receiving preoperative radiation, and on June 22 will have a pelvic exenteration. She is in great spirits, and we are optimistic!

Rochester is a wonderful little city, and we are enjoying lots of time together. We brought our dogs too!

BTW-- I have seen two Razorback stickers on cars around here. Not including mine. We are everywhere

Thanks to everyone for your messages and prayers. And in one case, a wonderful autobiography!


Continued prayers! Thanks for the update.

Great! Praying for a full recovery.

Prayers for your whole family.

Good news! Surrounding country is nice to visit also. You go to the Hubbell House in Mantorville? Or to Faribault for that cheese house?

Good to hear. God bless.

Keep that great attitude! It works! All the best…

Good place to visit, but come home soon! Prayers continue. Please provide more updates.

Glad to hear from you and the good news.
Prayers will continue from us. God Bless You and Wife Sir.

Praying for your family. May hope and peace be with all
of you during this time.

:pray: for you and your family and God bless you!

Keeping you and the wife in Prayer along with all of the people who will be caring for her.

Continue prayers for your wife and you also.

gonna be up to you for successful surgery and especially surgery, Both or you have to be mentally tought. REALLY big surgery that suggests it was not optional in March. Mayo is wonderful. I have unfortunately done that case so many times at Vandy because Dr Jones literally wrote the book on GYN Onc. Tune up as best as ya’ll can and find the best place for her favorite food because that will not happen again for many weeks or months. Prayers to both of you.

Thanks for keeping everybody updated, best of luck to both of you!

Tusch we were just now given the green light to go out and about. Mary has been immunocompromised due to chemo. But we will get to those spots!

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The surgery was actually scheduled for April 22. But all “optional” surgeries were postponed due to COVID as Mayo anticipated being overrun. We were told that Mary and other patients of major surgery literally wouldn’t be safe with COVID in the hospital. But…things are all set now. Thanks!

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You and your wife are in my households prayers as my wife too is fresh out of the hospital .


God bless you both, Maestro. Pray for good news. Go Hogs.