Update on my wife and her cancer journey

With the world focused on COVID-19 and the health of the populace, it feels like its time to update this community on my wife’s cancer journey.

First, allow me to thank everyone for your messages–both on the board and private. They have meant the world. I was even sent a book!

Mary has received two rounds of chemo, and on Wednesday of next week we pack up the RAV, with our two dogs, and head to Rochester MN–the Mayo Clinic. We will be there for 2 months.My daughter is staying iin Charleston until a few days before surgery, then she will fly up.

The first thing that will happen is they will do a new PET scan. If the tumor is still there, and if there is still no metastasis, they will begin preoperative radiation, which will last 4 weeks. Surgery is currently scheduled for April 22. They will use intraoperative radiation, as the margin will be close. Post-surgery, we will stay in Rochester for three weeks so they can observe her. This is a big GYN surgery and they want to be able to handle any sort of complication.

Again, thank you all for your sincere concern. It has meant the world. My. prayers go out to any of you who are also experiencing any sort of health concern or hardship. This board is a family.


I’ll continue to pray for you and your family. May God bless you!

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Continued prayers for your wife and family. Mayo Clinic does wonderful work. Thanks for the update and blessings…

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Continued prayers for Mary and all your family.
Terrifying experience. May God bless you and Mary with peace and healing.

Thank you for the update. Speaking for myself, I think of the members of these forums as family. What affects one concerns us all. Good luck to you and Mary.

I am saying a prayer

Prayers and more.


Praying for her and your family :pray::pray: God bless!

Keeping you all in Prayer! Stay strong & Keep your Faith Brother!!

Safe travels and prayers sent for you and your wife. My list seems to be growing, but this one slides to the top.

Thoughts and prayers for you and yours, Maestro…

You are all in our prayers. God bless.

My prayers and best wishes for a good outcome!

prayers and hope that this corona virus stuff doesn’t delay or complicate Mary’s treatment.hope all goes well

Prayers from our family.

MY 95 year old Mother and I just watched the Joel Osteen TV sermon. He suggested we not pray for God to remove what we are going through, but pray that he will be there with you through it. So, I will pray that God be there with Mary, you, and the great Doctors at the Mayo Clinic for these next 2 months. May he comfort Mary, you and all your family.

Prayers for you, your wife and family— maintain a positive attitude—God bless

Lifting your family up in prayers daily. WPS

Prayers for you and your wife as you go through this difficult journey together. May God bless you and keep you close!