Update on my middle son. Accepted an offer over the weekend

Been quite a journey for my son but God sometimes has different plans.

Basketball has been a blessing to our family. God bless all of you. Hope everyone is doing well.


Congrats to KJ and Corder family…all the best!

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Thank you bighog!

Congratulations to your son and the family. Hope he reaches greater heights over the next 4 years

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Thank you PJ. He has 2 years left to play so we are hoping he takes full advantage of it.

Congrats razorblack, I know how much work goes into becoming an elite player. All the best to your son and family.

My great niece is a 2022 recruit and has many great offers. We’ve watched the hard work she puts in daily to become the best she can be. It does not just happen.

Hope you and your family are well.

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Thank you so much LD! The ride has been bumpy at times but hopefully that has made our family a little tougher.

Hope you and your family are all well!

Good luck to your niece!

Congrats to KJ and family, that’s great!

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Congratulations! I know you are proud!
God bless you!

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Congrats to KJ and keep us updated on his continued success razor.
All stay safe as well.

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Congrats KJ! Keep living your dreams! Good luck at Crowley’s Ridge!

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Thank all of you. Good news around our house was much needed. Hope all of you are safe and well.

Love ya guys!

Really a special time for your son and family and we all know what it takes in skill and dedication to play ball at the next level. Will you miss a game?

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I will do my best to make every home game. Most of the away games are out of state so that will be tough. I did feel bad whenever I missed any of my kids activities. My dad missed most of mine so I know how it feels.

Congratulations, Razorblack! Dreams do come true. I wanted to play for the Razorbacks so bad, but being 5’6" and athletically challenged put an end to that. So glad I still got to be around it. Here’s hoping KJ has a blast and balls out!

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Thanks Jeremy!


Back in my old part of the state.

Yes sir!

I live in Paragould. I’ll be sure and go watch him. Congrats to you all.

I missed a lot of things my oldest Daughter and Son did growing up to include Christmas, birthdays and other special occasions. You never get that time back! That’s what really bothers me as I get older. My 3 younger kids I don’t miss anything. My grandkids get a lot of attention too!

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