Update on Michael Weathers' visit

with Mike Anderson and TJ Cleveland.

As expected, he received an offer from the Hogs. He said his top three schools in no order are Arkansas, Oklahoma State and Xaiver.

** He felt a good personal touch with the coaches and he believes he can rely on them if he does go to Arkansas.

** Weathers said the three hour drive to Fayetteville is perfect for him.

** The one thing that stuck out to him was how Anderson talked about how the team plays hard, tough and with character. He said Arkansas has a winning culture.

** He said the coaches repeatedly told him how much they wanted him.

** They told him he could be an immediate impact guy and would benefit by sitting out a year.

** Hogs style of play is a plus.

** Plans to make his decision in early or mid-May.

Nice that we’re in the top 3. Have to think Ok State is the favorite with his former HC as an assistant on that staff. However, Ok State currently doesn’t have any scholarships available. And they currently have a 4-star PG signed, along with 2 freshman PGs already on the roster. Plus they are still in the mix with Amauri Hardy who is a PG that recently decommitted from them.

Yeah, but according to a Tweet from McPherson earlier, Okie Light gets his last visit. That usually shows where the kid is headed.

That news with Weathers’ official visits came from Jeff Goodman.

I know because I shared it with Kevin last night at the Mike Conley Challenge