Update on Kjerstad...and it isn't positive

Oh, man. I had not heard anything about this. I hope he can possibly overcome it and still play eventually.

Prayers for Heston….

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His team has one of the worlds best medical facilities in its back yard. Hope they can help him recover from this.

So no improvement since 1st diagnosed with this a few months ago.

Nobody has confirmed this, but I have to suspect HK got the myocarditis as a result of COVID infection. There have been other athletes who got COVID myocarditis, including some MLB players and Big Ten football players. But how he got it is relatively unimportant at this stage. Why he can’t shake this is the major question.

Vanderbilt published this study on COVID myocarditis in athletes.

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Just feel so bad for him! Such a talented young man… Praying for him!

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I hope and pray Heston recovers and has a long career in the majors.

That’s the first thing that crossed my mind when I heard about it, SF. As you say, no mention or confirmation of this. But you have to wonder.

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