Update On Justice Hill...

The people that Richard and I have talked to this morning and let’s just say they are strongly denying this is true.

Justice is in a summer school class right now as we speak.

To update, I will say that this could be a decision that has not been told to the Hills yet.

Obviously 15 doesn’t go into 13.

I do like the new staff that has been hired and the fact that JWhitt is coming back. We all take different paths in life. He clearly loves Arkansas.

And now back to our regularly scheduled vacation, which ends Thursday morning.

Thats why I love this board! Always wait to get the word confirmed from Mr. Dawson and Senor Davenport before believing anyone else!

fake news?

Word to the wise. Just because “those that should know” are denying it - that doesn’t make it true. Or doesn’t mean things can change in a day, or a week, or a month.

Somebody is going to have to go.

Another board has some posts stating that the report on the Little Rock radio show was that a media guy at the SEC meetings heard " a coach" say that Hill would not return.

So the rumor did not come from the Hill family. It also was not stated if the “coach” was on the Arkansas staff.

That’s exactly right. It came from a guy on 103.7 the Buzz. Justin made mention of how we were over the limit and asked (don’t know the reporter) if he had an idea of who it would be and he said, “Justice Hill”, Justin asked him if that was a guess or did he have sources, “I overheard it from one of the Arkansas coaches.”

I might be paraphrasing slightly, but that is what I heard too.

I truly believe that I am “wise” enough to know that, but I felt it also “wise” to actually talk to those people.

It’s kind of a journalistic rule.

Wasn’t directed at you.

Just an educated observation from following these things for a long time.

I quoted this earlier without saying what I meant. Somebody has to go or someone has to become a walkon.

Hill just posted a photo of himself in the practice facility making a joke of it all a bit ago.

Yes, until we know who that one player is, Hill remains one of the candidates. I just hope it is only one more that leaves.

This is just me…but Hill doesn’t make sense as the player to be removed to get us to the number. It would seem more likely someone that plays a 3 or a small 4 since we have some transfers coming in that fit that mold and some that are already here. Again, just spit balling but it would surprise me if Hill. As RD always says though, these thing are and will always be fluid!

The size (relatively speaking) that we have is Chaney, Osabuhein, Henderson, Cylla and Bailey. We lost Gafford and Ali from last year’s team and only added Cylla. I don’t think we can afford to lose any of them.

Since Ali didn’t play a single minute in a Hog uni, it’s not accurate to say we “lost” him. Never had him to begin with. Henderson wasn’t much better. I don’t disagree that we’re short on size, but that’s why Muss is getting the big bucks. He’s chosen to completely revamp the roster and that means somebody has to leave. We all thought MA would have had to do the same thing if he didn’t get whacked.

Only if it’s a upgrade.

Keep Justice Hill.

College Basketball has lots of guard oriented teams that have gone deep in the NCAA tournament. In fact ,the Triplet team that made the Final Four had Schall and very little else in the front court. Dr Counce was a point forward before the pundits knew what to call his play.
There was a very good Illinois team that had 3 great college guards that gave North Carolina all they wanted in the Final Four about 10 years ago. The Warriors have shown that a smaller team stocked with deadly shooters can win in the Division Final in the NBA. Keeping unskilled players at the 4 has been a glaring weakness for the past 3 years. I would prefer a skilled guard to our hold overs that played at the 4. The old traditional team of 2 guards, 2 forwards, and a center is seldom used in today’s game. Quick shooters are the key. Look at Auburn this year. The quickness of their players and their 3 point shooting almost won a National Championship.

The last thing we need to do is keep players that can’t score. IbI is gone and at least 2 more should follow. Play Chaney and Cylla. If Vanover can get a hardship and play this year, you can rotate these 3 and have a decent frontcourt. If need be, Jones and Moss could play a stretch 4 for a small ball 5. Hopefully, we can get some bigs next year and that should round out the roster.