Update on Justice Hill...

I trust the people that Richard and I have talked to this morning and let’s just say they are strongly denying this is true.

Justice is here and in a summer school class as we speak.

Updating, I will say it possible that the Hills have not been told of this decision yet, which would be a PR blunder.

Obviously 15 doesn’t go into 13.

I do like the new staff that has been hired and the fact that JWhitt is coming back. We all take different paths in life. He clearly loves Arkansas.

And now back to our regularly scheduled vacation, which ends Thursday morning.

Good deal

I cannot say that I understand the meaning of this thread. Please rinse and repeat.

Rumor is running wild that Hill is transferring from Arkansas and Duds is clarifying his thoughts…

Guard room is going to be crowded this next season. But, for an incoming Freshman, it gives Hill ample opportunity to study, compete and learn. The coaches will know real quick whether he is on par with the other players. Unless Vanover gets his waiver, this is going to be a small, but very quick team with good shooting talent in depth. Do basketball players stay in Fayetteville during the summer like football players?

Yes, basketball players are asked to enroll in both summer sessions. For two reasons, make progress towards their degrees plus NCAA allows so many hours for team workouts conducted by the coaching staff and a player has to be enrolled in summer school to participate in that. I believe someone reported that all the returning players are enrolled in the first summer session.