Update on Auburn

They announced this morning that they are keeping Austin Wiley and Danjel Purifoy out of action indefinitely pending the ongoing investigation.

Nice to see Auburn has its own witness protection program.

Two of their best players. Will be interesting to see how they adjust without Wiley. They already played fast and shot a ton of 3s with him being a throwback, back-to-basket big. Without him, they may shift into an even higher gear.

But losing two talents like that will make it tough. The controversy surrounding Pearl and the program will linger and be a challenge for the team, I’d imagine. They could still finish around ninth, which is where I picked them, but I doubt they’ll make the tournament if those two do wind up being goners.

Wiil Pearl survive this situation? He already had a show cause before being hired. Pearl hired Persons…

I honestly have no clue. You’d think he’s gone if there end up being sanctions. It’s already affected their recruiting.

To top it off tonight Auburn lost to Diviin II Barry U tonight in overtime 100-95.

That SEC rule about consulting the SEC office before you hire coaches with checkered past seems to not matter!
I hope Auburn, Moo U and Kentucky get the medicine they deserve.

All 3 coaches are dirt bags.