Update from the park

I think it is probably going to be closer to 3 p.m. before this game begins. The rain is supposed to move through Omaha by around 1:45 p.m. and the tarp must be off the field for 65 minutes before the game begins, based on what I was told a little while ago.

I just looked at the radar for Omaha on weather.com. Looked like the junk would be through the city by 1:30, but that’s not that much different.

Why so long, Matt? Did they give you a reason?

I don’t know why so long, and it could be sooner than 3 p.m.; that time is just a hunch based on the radar and the rules in place.

They also use the 65 minutes between games, so I guess they’re saying the field must be available for the players to warm up, etc., for that long.

And it looks like the wind will be blowing from the northwest, basically out toward left-center, right Matt? Could be some balls flying out.

They are pulling the tarp. I think it will be around 2:30 for the start time, but I’m still awaiting official word.

TDA, like Baum, is laid out northwest to southeast. A northwest wind would be blowing straight out to center, which should help the ball out to all fields.