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I hate the idea that FSU might get someone we’d want, but I understand it’s a more attractive job. Not as much of a dumpster fire, easier path to championships, better recent tradition.

Fortunately, I think there are several good prospects out there & our first choice, whomever that might be, is not necessarily the right choice.

I take everything with a grain of salt. Hard to believe they would be meeting right now. Agent leak?

Guess with the state of the program as it is, it is too much to expect that someone at the top of our list would covet our job. Of course it seems curious that this info is out there with Memphis in the midst of a good run. Can’t play well at Tiger High!

Maybe it’s true, but meeting during the season doesn’t seem likely. That reeks of the Jimmy Sexton special - playing multiple schools against one another to drive up the price for the client. Sexton is Norvell’s agent.

Maybe Norvell felt slighted 2 years ago when AR passed him over then.
Hopefully Kiffen is one of the unnamed candidates.
Just not sure on Freeze. Dang good coach but can he recruit cleanly.

I also find it odd that this leaks now. Would like to hear it from the horses mouth.

Good observation. No info is too reliable, but it’s almost certain there’ll be agent leaks & even agent fabrications.

I was told it happened but I’m still not buying it.

I have no knowledge and haven’t seen it reported by anyone which potential coaching candidates AD HY actually has on his short or long list to contact and gauge mutual interest in the Arkansas HC position. Fans may have their wishlist of candidates, but the only list of potential candidates that matters is the list of AD HY and the BOT’s.
Those of us who are Razorback fans can only speculate about things we have no knowledge about or influence over and can only hope that they make the best available hire that appears to be a great fit for the program.

Go Hogs!

Let’s just hope that the BOT’s involvement in this selection process is minimal & primarily left to the discretion of HY. Don’t trust the BOT judgement on HCs, but they seem to have found the right AD.

This reeks of “throwing crap against the wall to see what might stick”. Agree with Richard. No way there was an in person meeting. Especially one that ended with Norvell telling HY that he was more interested in Florida State. Think about that conversation for a minute. That just wouldn’t happen.

Now, a phone call between HY and Sexton with the FL St tidbit “might” be more plausible. That call also might have been initiated by Sexton. That would be Sexton working HY for a larger dollar amount.

Remember HY’s basketball …that 1st rumor or two was wrong. Maybe we’re being thrown off the trail
on purpose. It’s gonna be Mike Leach! :crazy_face:

Yep, and the first names were Leach, Gus, and Norvell. So maybe the real names (Matt Campbell) are starting to surface

I wouldn’t say the first name was wrong in the basketball search. I was told Yurachek inquired about Kelvin Sampson. Whether or not Sampson was his top choice at the time, I don’t know. Sampson had no interest in leaving Houston, but was able to use the Arkansas interest to leverage a new contract.

There’s that word again! :crazy_face:

Always have to be skeptical when something starts out “sources say”.
Story definitely sounds like agent speak.

I think Norvell would take the Razorbacks over going to FSU, unless he thinks he will have an easier path in the ACC and he would.

FSU, ACC & recruiting base vs little in-state talent and playing in the toughest conference in the nation. Advantage FSU.

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In this sense, our SEC membership relative to our recruiting potential is a disadvantage in hiring coaches. Would we be better off in a lesser conference?