Update: DE Michael Taylor

is still in waiting mode before reporting to Fayetteville. Nothing new to report yet. First day of practice is Thursday.

Coach Bielema will address the media at 12:30 Thursday. They will practice around 6:30 in the evening. The first four periods will be open to the media as will Saturday’s practice.

In re: M Taylor, these things intrigue me. First, what led the coaching staff to think the academics were fine and, then, why does it take so long to get Clearing approval or news.

I’m sure you’ve dealt with paperwork in several areas of life. Often there can be a back log or you may have several people having to sign off before things are finalized.

Another thing that Arkansas and ever other major college has found out is that all college courses are not created equal.

Remember he has high school courses, courses at North Carolina Central, courses at Hutchinson CC and now courses at his current junior college in California.

Was it a certainty that he would be here in 2016? No.

But in terms of risk-reward and bringing him in for an official visit this summer, it falls way on the reward side