Upcoming 2018 Basketball Visitor List

Thought with all the upcoming visitors we should have a thread to keep up with everything.

So far we got…

Josh Leblanc SF/PF - Aug. 25-27
KeyShawn Embery PG/SG - Sept. 1-3
Matthew Horton PF/C - Sept. 8-10 (Committed to WKY, assuming visit is off)
Keonte Kennedy SG - Sept. 8-10
Reggie Chaney PF - Sept. 15-17
Jordan Phillips SG/SF - Sept. 15-17

Thanks for this. Going to be interesting to see who we sign in November. I think Horton is a lock, and IMO we need another PG and playmaking wing with the other 2 picks. Or another playmaker and best player available.

Yea, we have some very good options. All of these guys except Horton and Phillips are rated a 4-star on at least one of the major services. Horton will probably end up being a 4-star when 247 ranks their JUCOs and Phllips is a high 3-star in the top 150 area just missing 4-star status. And I agree with you, Horton has been pretty vocal about wanting to be a Hog I think if the staff offers on the visit, he ends up here.

After that I think the staff takes one of the guards among Embery, Kennedy, and TJ Moss.

And then one of the forwards among LeBlanc, Chaney, and Phillips. Since Phillips is versatile and can probably play the 2-4 position, it’s possible they could take two among these guys if they miss on all the guards.

Not sure about Horton. I think they like Chaney a lot and don’t think they can take both. I bet they wish they had more schollies to give out.

Guards (imo) are as plentiful in college basketball as Running Backs are in College Football. With 2 already verbally committed impact player’s over 6’7 are probably being prioritized…

Unless a combo (Embrey/Lablanc) is required to lure a big fish! Not saying they won’t add a additional guard but I’d be shocked if it’s more than 1 to go along with what we have.

I think they can take both: C - Gafford, PF - Henderson, everyone else on the roster would be 6’6 or below. Need Bigs IMO, think if both decide to come, CMA has to take them.

Yea, they can easily take both. Horton would be backing up up Gafford, and Chaney would get his minutes at the 4 spot. Henderson is probably a guy that can play both positions so he’d fill in at both positions. Then you also throw Bailey and Osabouhein in there and that would be our 6 man front court right there.

You missed Gabe who is 6-8. I was thinking they will take a big, a scoring SF and a guard.

Your correct, but I thought Gabe was supposed to be a SF type

Be honest what I was looking at was starting five, Phillips 6’7 PG/SG/SF, Garland/Jones 6’5/6’6 (they are listed 6’5 but possibly still growing) PG (more Garland)/SG/SF, Hall/Gabe 6’6-6’8 SG/SF, Chaney/Henderson 6’8/6’9 PF, Gafford/Horton 6’10/6’11 C (I know I have those two reversed on height).

That’s everyone 6’5 or above. That is a very long (and very athletic) team. Compare to last year 6’3 PG, 6’3 SG, 6’3 SF, 6’7 PF, 6’10 C. To me these guys have the potential to be better all around players and as a team. Our guys were pretty athletic last year, but in my honest opinion they wouldn’t be able to match up with the length. I think it gives us a huge advantage. Especially if we have guys (Sills is listed as 6’4) at the Guard/SF positions that all have length and the ability to play all three positions on the perimeter, and long enough to play the 4. Those four bigs I mentioned could also all interchange at the 4/5 (Gabe, Bailey, and Hall, maybe Phillips in a small lineup).

Excellent post sir!

They have certainly not ruled out taking both at this point.

One thing for sure. Reading Horton tweets, he is making a big push to be a Razorback. Hope he has a great visit to the hill and gets his wish. He seems to be a good kid.

Interested to see if Horton still takes other visits although he committed to Western Kentucky. Kevin McPherson was hinting that he wouldn’t be surprised if Horton ended up somewhere else by signing time.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Horton offered here. Don’t think some of these guys are “that” interested. We are gonna need another “big.” My guess is Chaney says no, and Horton hears a woo (pig sooie).

I think it was a smart move for Horton.

He has a spot at Western Kentucky if the Arkansas offer doesn’t come through.

You can’t blame Horton. I just hope the coaches are able to sign talented kids that want to be hogs!
Mr Davenport do you think it’s a priority target for one or the first to commit?

They obviously offered Reggie Chaney first. It’s rare to bring a kid in for an official and not offer, but it does happen time-to-time.