Up to 6th seed--how high could we get?

Up to #6 seed in both Lunardi and Palm brackets today. With 4 games to go–2 against tournament teams at home (Bama and LSU) and 2 road games against lower tier teams (TAMU and USC). All 4 very winnable but also very losable.

Win all 4 and we probably go into SECT as a #4 seed I would guess–maybe even sneak up to a #3 depending on what happens elsewhere

I suppose if we win every game from here until the dance, we’d probably be a 2 or 3 seed in the NCAAT. If we won every game out in SEC play, I think we’d be the 2 seed behind Bama, but maybe a 3 seed, but not the 4. At this point, you have to beat TAM, SC, and hopefully grab one of LSU or BAMA, win some games in SEC T and try to get to 4 seed in NCAAT. But one loss to the wrong team will derail this thing and likely land us back at the 7-10 range.

Win the Texas A&M and South Carolina games for sure. The 2 home games against Alabama and LSU at least a split. If the home game against Texas A&M is made up the hogs would also have to win that one too! Go to the SEC tourney and win a game and at least hold serve on the 5/6 line.
I’m wondering what going to happen after Houston’s loss last night with their standing in the dance.

Other teams are going to be losing games too. Wisconsin, Houston and Rutgers all lost last night for instance. So even if we lose a game or two we might not necessarily drop much if at all.

Houston dropped from 5 to 8 in NET. Which is basically still a 2 seed. I doubt it will move them at all. Lunardi and Palm both have them as a 3. They’re still a 2 at Bracket Matrix. I noticed Palm put Wichita in the field as a 12, but I think that’s because they’re in first place in the AAC now. Lunardi has them in as a 13, definitely because they’re in first place.

We’re still a 7 at the Matrix, but the top 7. Wouldn’t take much to move up; Rutgers is the bottom 6 with an average of 6.72 after losing to Michigan last night and we’re at 6.84. Move up a line on 13 or 14 of the 105 brackets and we’d be a 6 there. Or maybe some later bracket updates will move Rutgers down a line and accomplish the same thing.

I think if we win out we’d be a 5 entering the SECT, and usually they don’t do much with the seeds from conference tournaments; your resume’ is what it is at that point. Maybe a 4.

I was glad to see Lunardi kept his word and moved us to a 6 after beating the Wallets. But he left Florida as a 7, which he had said Tuesday morning the loser would drop a line. That’s OK. We won and we moved ahead of them.

Interestingly, there are some who say that your standing in the conference is not relevant. How can that be? That ought to be of great relevance. It would be to me. By contrast, the College Football Playoffs rewards winning your conference. But the NCAA basketball tournament rewards you for winning your tournament. I think it is just plain wrong.

Conference standings would mean a lot more if leagues got rid of the tournaments. But everyone has one now. So automatic bids depend on getting hot for three or four days in March, not what you did in January and February. I think another factor that plays into it is so many leagues play unbalanced schedules. Hopefully this doesn’t happen, but we could be knocked down a rung or two in the SEC because we played Alabama twice and Tennessee, for instance, or Misery only played them once.

Conference tournaments are all about money! That part of college basketball won’t go away. The dance is all about money too!
All year long you here about road wins,
Total body of work, who you beat, and eye test! When the rubber meets the road the committee will put the teams in that are in their opinion the best 68!
I feel as if they create matchups they want to see. Like feeding the Hogs to North Carolina.
Winning the conference regular season title should be the deciding factor. Winning the conference tourney happens in just a few games and can give a horrible team a bid and we call throws bid thieves! Eliminate the bid thieves!

You’re consistent, Army. You fully believe everyone is out to screw us every time.

Yes, the Dance is about money, which is why they’re working so hard to get it played this year in spite of the virus. They couldn’t stand losing all that money two straight years.

Road wins are important. We have four of them and a good chance to get two more. Belmont has 10, albeit against really bad teams, and Loyola and Drake have 8 road wins each.

Saw something the other day that since Stanford was not allowed to play home games for several weeks due to an order from Santa Clara County, all the “home” games they had to play in other sites are being counted as neutral games. So they’re 12-6 in non-home games, which certainly doesn’t hurt their bubble chances. That’s one thing about this year; there are so many weird things like that because of the virus and now because of the icy weather.

Conferences can do what they want. Blame the ACC for starting this. Since 1961, their bylaws state “the only conference champion is the winner of the tournament.” In other words, there is no regular season champ, only the top seed in the ACCT.

Stanford does have unique situation this year. It won’t do them much good the way they play.
Any team can get hit in a conference tournament and win a couple of days.
There have been times the conference tournament has helped our hogs.
Oh well play the games and let’s see what happens.

I saw a bracket today that has the Hogs as a 6 seed. Their first round opponent? You guessed it, 11 seed North Carolina. In that case, they’re feeding them to us. Which makes biological sense; UNC’s mascot is a ram and wild hogs kill sheep.

If that happens the game better not be close! You wouldn’t want to depend on a whistle to get a call in our favor.

Lunardi just tweeted his seed list for today. We’re #21, the top 6th seed.

According to Lunardi’s bracket (and S curve) we’d get West Virginia in the second round. WVU lost to Florida at home. We didn’t. Of course they also beat Okie Lite at Stillwater and we didn’t, but both games were close. There are worse paths to the Sweet 16.

At no time during the regular season do you play 3 or 4 games on consecutive days. The conference tourneys don’t greatly benefit the best teams, they give an abnormal advantage to the most athletic teams-especially if they get lucky and play a better team that played the day before.

I don’t disagree with that. They give a do-over to the also-rans and, as you say, favor the teams with athleticism and depth over those that grind it out. But everybody likes the money they provide. So they’re not going away.

That might flat-out be the most optimal path we could hope for to get to the Sweet 16. I’d be fine with that.

Well we get get to see Gabe play against our hogs and he would play out of his mind. It would be a good game.

I don’t remember the timing on that. Did he leave as soon as MA was fired or did Muss perhaps invite him to leave? He’s certainly been more productive in Morgantown than I would have expected.

He left after the team summer work outs I think! In the grand scheme of things I don’t think Gabe fit into what Muss wanted. **

Gabe had an issue off the court that sent him packing. He was told to leave.