Up to 3rd in Nolan’s RPI

That was a pretty impactful win on the road. LSU might not be vintage LSU, but they’re not bad & winning down there still counts for something. Of course, I suspect some other teams around us had bad outings, but still a big win. If we can win 1 more there, we’ll be in really good shape. Get a sweep & we’ll probably need only 2 more wins of the remaining 6 to assure a national seed.

I’m just ecstatic. That was a really big win. LSU is incredibly lucky in the Box. I thought we’d lose it when it was 4-2 & we got robbed of that base-clearing hit with the bases loaded in the 7th. (Or was it the 6th?)

It was the 6th!

Thanks, Bell. I wasn’t sure. Either way, I thought that was going to be the play we looked back on and got sick about losing. Now it’s just a play. The 3 HR’s now loom much larger in our win even if they were solo shots.

The only play I saw live was the robbery in the sixth–just knew we had the lead–and the second home run by Cole and Fletcher’s single. Had to be at a graduation. But I was sure happy we got the win. Reindl throwing just six pitches will certainly be available Saturday if necessary and Loseke threw 41 but might be available Sunday. Just want one more win, and if it comes Saturday, I’ll get greedy and want one more after that. :smiley:

You always need to win game 1 to get a sweep and yes I’m greedy! If Murphy locates well tomorrow it will be another fun game to watch.
The lucky catch by Beau Jordan in left was simply just luck! His single in the first was just as lucky. When McFarland was caught off second after running through the bag I hoped it wouldn’t come back to haunt the hogs! His dig on the double play at first was surely enough to make up for it.
Loeske and Rheindl were both huge tonight. I think Jake looked better tonight than he has looked all year. 2 k’s with the tying run at 3rd base were huge.

With 8 games left, we’d pretty much have to completely go in the tank not to be a regional host, and semi-tank (like going 2-6) to miss out on top-8 RPI, which is likely to lead to top-8 seed.