Up to 37th in NET this morning

40th yesterday.

Other metrics:
KenPom 27th
BPI 22nd
Sagarin 24th
T-Rank 25th
KPI 26th

Those aren’t bubble metrics. Of course there’s a month left and a lot can change. But that change could be in our favor.

Also in NET news, Vandy climbed from 87th to 82nd. Getting to 75th would make that a Q2 loss,

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Anything above 30 is bubble territory. We are right there. It could go either way. It’s all out in front of us.

Just keep winning and let it all shake out. The Vandy and Hofstra losses just stink! Maybe even a better non conference schedule would help. It would be better to get beat by a good P5 team than a powder puff!

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Do you mean we are better than bubble or not up to bubble yet?

Bubble is usually mid 30’s to mid 40’s. 20’s are good

We also can improve quite a bit, our remaining opponents per NET:

#4 KY
#7 AUB
#12 TN (x 2)
#17 LSU
#23 Bama
#44 FL
#138 Missou

We have a golden opportunity to move way up.

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It would be nice to get back in the 20’s.

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I hate to quote Vitale, but this sums up the Hogs task. “Just win, baby”.

Better than bubble. But plenty of time to get better, or worse. Selection Sunday is in five weeks.


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