Up to #29 in NET today

Moved past Marquette even though they beat Georgetown last night (and man, is Georgetown terrible under Patrick Ewing).

Vandy went from 76th to 77th after losing to Auburn but they’re still in range of the top 75 which would get them out of Q3. Aggies come to Memorial Gym Saturday. I don’t see anyone else on the verge of moving up or down the quadrant list.

Also of note, we’re still the #2 7 seed at Bracket Matrix (which would correspond to #26 in the country) on last night’s update.

Edited: Hofstra is up to #97 today and out of Q3 if you don’t count NLR as home court. Which apparently the NCAA still does.

In regards to the Hofstra game I have 2 thoughts. 1. Don’t play cupcakes play good power programs. That way you won’t be the only team playing with something to lose. 2. Stop playing in NLR.

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That ain’t gonna happen any more than games in WMS are going away.

As for your other point, I’d prefer the Tom Izzo approach to scheduling, but even Sparty plays some cupcakes. They played Baylor, UConn and Kansas, but they also played some teams worse than anyone we’ve played.

There are so many more basketball games than football games that 1 game in NLR doesn’t have the same impact on recruiting and revenue.

Anything that has the potential to hurt your seeding for the dance needs to be looked at with what best for the team!
You can’t even put the games on TV!

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Not that big a deal to me really about the game not being on tv. And for the most part, we play a reasonable schedule. I think scheduling also changes somewhat depending on what CEM has. For example, you’ll see a big freshman recruiting class next year so he probably won’t depend on the transfer portal quite as much. As that team comes together, you might see fewer cupcakes the following year. With our pre-season tournaments, the Big12-SEC challenge, and the SEC league schedule, there is plenty of opportunity to get good seeding. If we finish out the season strong, we’ll be fine.

Look at Bama’s record and their Net rating! Challenge your team. I just like like the soft schedule and I would like to see all the games on the tube.

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Yup, but politics/donors dictate we continue to play in central Arkansas. And that supercedes SOS and NET and everything else.

I’m not going to argue about the politics and donors. It impacts nearly every aspect of life. It is what it is. The baseball team does the same thing and for the same reasons. Hasn’t impacted their seeding and I don’t think it’s that big a deal to the basketball team either.

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Beat Hofstra. In NLR, or wherever.

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As to TV, one game not being on TV is not a big deal, IMO.

As to the schedule, I think, this year, Muss did a pretty good job. We were not very good early. I think we needed some of those cupcakes. Now I realize there is a theory of playing Duke/Baylor type teams over and over and get better that way. I am not sure this team would have come together like it did in mid-January if it had had the crap beaten out of it over and over again and ended up with a 3-10 record or something like that.

Lastly, I don’t mind playing one game in NLR (TV or no TV) but I sure don’t understand why we play like crap there almost every time!!!


It’s generally the first game after Christmas break. Maybe it’s all the tryptophan from the turkey?

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Central Arkansas is 334 in Sagarin’s list this week. They’re the winner.

Barely. Western Michigan is 329.

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