Up to 16th in NET

Computers like us.

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I saw that too. If we can win one on the road and take care of Kentucky that could put us up several more spots. The Muss Bus is loaded up and ready to go!

Other metrics:

KPI 16th (believe this is unchanged)
BPI 13th (up 4)
SOR 36th (up 2)
Pomeroy 15th (up 1)
Torvik 17th (not sure of change)
Sagarin 19th

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I’m greedy, let’s take 2 on the road and then curb stomp the Jellycats!


This year is interesting in that the metrics like us a lot more than the general vibe (in comparison to past years where it always seemed that the metrics undervalued us a bit).

Part of this is great non conference scheduling to avoid as many quad 4 games as possible. Playing a team like UNC-Asheville as opposed to a SWAC team makes a difference in things like the NET

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Agree. Also a lot of our losses were close and especially on the road against good teams. At Missouri by 3, at Baylor by 3, Creighton neutral by 3. Computers recognize that.

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The NET believes we are a 4-5 seed just like the last two years, and all the statistical metrics show we are right there still. I’m not sure what the next 3 games hold, but if the metrics are like vegas, I like us winning 2 of the 3 and making a run in the SECT. Maybe SWINE can tell us the KENPOM predictions of the next 3.

I don’t even need to look, I know the predictions. Lose to Bama, lose to Tennessee, beat Kentucky.
Specifically 80-71 to Bama, 69-62 to Tennessee, 75-69 over UK.

While we’re on predictions, BPI predicts Bama by 12.2, Tennessee by 12.9, Hogs by 6.3 over UK.

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wonder where vegas has that. I’d take those points in the first 2 games, for sure.

vegasinsider.com doesn’t have lines up for Saturday yet, much less next week.

but they’ve got them to win the NC!

Early yes, but KP will be really close, has Bama by 9. I’m assuming that is w their regular starting 5. Possibly tweaked depending what happens tonite.

When Pinion hit that three from the near corner (as seen on TV) last night, I couldn’t help but think I would have rather have him hit the same shot at Waco.

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