Up- but sick to mid stomach--Help with a letter to Bret

Hip and knees- walking like a 85 year old man . yelled to much.

COULD SOMEBODY and I mean to start a thread that has some real thought and answers.

Why is the demeanor of our coaches so laid back. Gary Patterson was yelling when the game was won. And blitzing all the way. guess he wanted to prove a point.

CBB for one what is he contributing? I’m talking about where is he adding and coaching these kids during the game? Actually I’m calling out all the coaches, Whatched some other games and lasted as long as I can but there is a completely different demeanor. With the head coach AND assistance coaches.

I have asked this for about 3 years now and not one answer.

Foe example why can nobody as the 4 million dollar coach and staff. I understand everyone is coaching but who is yelling at these kids to give them some tough love. CBB standing 25 feet away from the team last year when the house is burning down. WHERE is the True Grit. WHY is CBB NOT LEADING THE CHARGE?? Don’t give me the well that’s his demeanor. Or that;s just not his style. Sometimes you have got to get in these guys FACE. The staff is act like a bunch of Pussey Cats. AND last what are you doing at haft time coach?? WHERE are the adjustments agt halftime? The last 3 big games we have scored 0 points. ZERO. YOU say well that kicker is noy going to kick again. WHY not sit down with your coaches and get in there faces and say this is totally unacceptable. Where is the fire in the gut from our staff. Now I did see a few players yelling a nd cheering on the team, BUJT NOT CBB. And it starts fron the head coach, OR even Jeff,

SOMEBODY ask him are you pushing the ZArkansas Razorbacks OR just along for the ride? BTW what does Jeff make
and all coaches>

Rant over. I have been a coach and that was my goal after high school. It did n’t work out but and this pay to Jeff and CBB and staff I expect much more!!!

BB is in his fifth year and this is what we get, I thought we could win eight possibly nine games this year, but after yesterday I’m looking at 6-6 being tops. Never have liked BB and will be glad when he and JL are gone, we will never win the SEC West with those guys in control.

If you always do what you always did you’ll always get what what you always got.

I NEED some help here.

Does alybody agree whit what I have said.

Can somebody proof this post and maybe reword it???

I am going to send this to CBB.

I will drive up there before the next game if needed.

I may make this on a bigger sheet of paper.

CAN somebody help me OR do you think I’m out of line?

Can I get some feed back on this letter to CBB. It started as just a post on HI. But now I’m thinking of getting this on a poster board. Maybe cut in half. Just some thing bigger thst a sheet of paper.

I will add names if anybody wants to sign this letter to Coach, and maybe Jeff. Might sent it to Bo.GET it on talk radio…

AND Coach you say we are going to be the most improve team in America. Why say that 2 games into the season. IF this is truje why wasn;t this done to start the season.

Can somebody help if you agree??? [color=#FF0040]PLEASE

Mike Tucker

Am I out of line?? LET’S do something and make a differance.

SOME MAY LAUGH but I bet I can get a copy to him. Can anybody proof these 2 post and make it more professional??

Will anybody help me in the wording? Anybody sign??? BTW I NEED new glasses as I’m having trouble seeing the screen.

Shameless bump…

OR any suggestions?

Concerns, to and to mine or anything to add to improve this letter?

Does nobody agree whit this thread?

Not a sole willing to Stand up and agree that we need to see more action, firm stronger coaching, more passion and less coach speak.

No one thinking our reporters should be asking this question OR go with a letter I have drawn up???

I appreciate the sentiment, but a letter to Bielema will be about as productive as you know what on a boar hog.

We should probably send a smoke signal while we are at it with that poster board.