Up 11 at half

Heck of a first half. Squid will peel the paint in the locker room at halftime, but we’re protecting the ball and they’re not. Keep that up we have a real chance.

Kentucky only took 20 shots in the first half and had four offensive rebounds. So we’re turning them over on nearly half of their possessions (12 of 28).

This years team seems to actually play better on the road than at home… Joe has some of his best games on the road… or at least it seems that way.

Hopefully can keep up the pace and win one at Rupp… would be a great thing for this team and something to build on to finish this miserable year. CMA needs this win for sure.


I’m being cautiously optimistic. I’m not going to get too excited here, just going to enjoy the game win or lose.

awesome Half! now just have to withstand the 1st 5-6 of the half b/c they are going to come out like their hair is on fire…can’t let them get the crowd going but regardless if we pull it out its just good to the team playing hard and getting rewarded for it.

And now up 15!

Lets call it the “Swine Halftime Whammy” :sunglasses: