UofA Covid stats


Hopefully this link works. Allows you to track Covid positivity at Fayetteville. I’ve heard from some parents that the #s are increasing materially the last few days. The Athletic Dept has done a great job so far with the athletes but going to be trickier now with so many more students around.

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Am I reading it right - it is the entire campus population, not just athletics?

Yes that’s the entire campus.

CDC came out w some new Covid Stats today…you wouldn’t want to post that
and gives us a report, eh Swine? :sunglasses:

New stats I found at covid.cdc.gov – not sure if that’s what you’re referring to, but they were updated today:

US cases: 5,934,824.

US deaths: 182,149

US cases in last 7 days: 291,012 (that’s more than 41,000 per day).

Arkansas only:
Total cases: 60,378
Cases in last 7 days: 4,179 (about 600 per day)
Deaths: 772 (16 added on Saturday)

I don’t know if you thought those were somehow encouraging or good news. I don’t see a damn thing good about them. That’s 16 Arkansans who should still be alive, and 41,000 Americans who shouldn’t have gotten the virus. In one day.

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Drove through the UofA campus this morning. All but 2 students were wearing mask. Saw Connor Vanover. He was wearing his mask.


New updated #s above in my first post. Lots more self reported cases.

Are you sure it was him? LOL


But how many cycles were run on these tests? The more you think you have an idea on testing, treatment, and a possible vaccine, you read stuff like this.

I have read a lot about the virus but never heard about this. Fascinating.

I can’t imagine there will be any viral molecules that high in the air for Connor to get it walking across campus. How is the air up there, Connor?

Commercial lab found 7,000 lost negative tests from Washington County in last couple of days, according to Asa. Strange stuff. They did not find any lost positives.

South Carolina announced on Friday that negatives weren’t being reported by many of the test facilities. When these were added in, it obviously dropped the percentage of infections considerably

what the heck is going on with this? This crazy year gets weirder by the day. Good grief, Charlie Brown.


Anybody who doesn’t think this pandemic is at least 50% political isn’t paying attention.


You’re right, but probably not in the way you think you are.

I guess there’s a 50% chance you’re probably is right…

Please explain how you could make this post after reading the NY Times linked report and after reading Clay’s last post. Did you read those? Your comment is polar opposite to the info in the NY Times report and Clay’s post. It might make sense if different info was contained in this thread.

Since you seem to be referencing a bias I might have, is it not actually your bias that’s showing?

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All right, you asked for it.

Germany has 83 million residents, just about one fourth of the US population. As a European Union country, other Europeans can enter Germany much more freely than people can come into the US from outside. And Germany is much more densely populated than the US. But even ignoring those factors, you would expect the number of COVID-19 cases to be about one fourth the US total.

It’s not 25% of the US total. It’s not 20%. It’s not 15%. It’s not 10%.

It’s FOUR FREAKING PERCENT of the US total, per the Johns Hopkins figures today. There are 244,000 confirmed cases in Germany to more than 6 million here.

Because Germany did a ton of testing, and got the pandemic under control early, it never went wild. And they have been largely able to reopen society; Bundesliga soccer went back to playing a long time before the NBA or MLB, for instance.

South Korea is a similar story but even more effective. One sixth the population of the US, but only 20,000 cases and 324 deaths TOTAL. Arkansas alone has had 61,000 cases and 797 deaths. And Korea is much, much closer to the pandemic’s epicenter in Wuhan.

Meanwhile our leaders were pretending in February that the virus would disappear quickly, dropped the ball on testing, rushed to reopen too soon, discouraged people from wearing masks in the beginning, and screwed up a few hundred more ways. And one of the reasons we didn’t get the jump on this pandemic is that someone was afraid it would cost him re-election. Which may actually prove to be the case in two months, but not for the reason he thought in February or March.

That’s what I’m talking about. Politics governed the response in the early weeks when we could have gotten this under control like Germany or South Korea did. You want to call that bias, go right ahead. Just remember that Arkansas has nearly 500 more deaths than the entire nation of South Korea and tell me this was handled properly.


We didn’t ask for it at all, but that didn’t stop you.

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