Until we get some ....

Short of having Peyton Manning and Barry Sanders in the backfield,
(two players I thought could do so much with little around them),
even if we could stock up on 5 star RBs, QBs, and WRs, it would make
no difference. We need an OLINE. The play at Oline has been…
well atrocious. Until we get players that would even amount to an
average SEC Oline, we will find the balance sheet littered with more
losses than a mangy dog has fleas.

I am encouraged by the development I’m seeing from the defense,
but the oline still seems to barely be able to block a strong breeze.
That means little to no rushing lanes nor any time to look beyond
the initial read to throw before you have to run or get sacked. Not
a recipe for anything other than misery and loss.

We have decent starting talent on defense. We have only three players on offense other than running backs who are SEC caliber talent. Froholdt, O’Grady. and Woods. Woods should not even be playing as he a true freshman and O’Grady stays in the doghouse.

Post on Nebraska board after recent loss: “was last week rock bottom?..nah…we still have plenty of games to get to that point! Until this team and this coaching staff eliminates the sloppiness and the totally undisciplined play,no, we have not seen the bottom yet.” One common thread running through both programs in recent years has been constant change in head coaches. We have to provide CCM the opportunity to establish recruiting in Texas and develop the system with his players. The fan base cannot become the road block to success for the program.

This is correct. CCM may or may not be “the answer” for our program; I think he has a good chance to turn things around. But the bigger issue is that NO coach can take what Chad inherited and make it a Championship program in his first or second year. ANYONE must be given 3 years at least to show real improvement and that their program is making progress. It is lunacy for people to be calling for a yet another change after 3 or 4 games.

Most of our fans have no concept of reality.

Bret left a depleted roster. Lack of SEC/P5 talent. Poorly coached, bad leadership for 5 years and the instilling of a losing mentality.

How do you fix that? Phase them out. Plain and simple.

Need to load up on some jucos this class for OL. Need a Juco QB or a grad transfer. The defense is going to lose some major pieces this year, and that’s what sucks.

A major part of the fix is offensive linemen who are SEC caliber. However, it is interesting to note that Auburn is struggling with offensive linemen who are young and less than SEC caliber at this point.

I think we may have some quarterback talent on the roster or coming in next year’s class. We will end up with too many quarterbacks and some will have to transfer. On a side note. If I were Coach Morris’ son, I would not come to Arkansas. Very tricky situation being the coach’s son. Plus, he might ride the bench for three years (always a chance of that). It would be far better to go to an SEC school that will losing its starting QB in one or two years.

RE: No concept of reality

It’s their pride getting in the way after defending Bert for five years when Ray Charles could see he was driving this program in to the dirt - drunk, fat, arrogant, and lazy is no way to go through life at Faber College or as an SEC FB coach.


If you really love the program, there is no defending Bret, in my opinion. He took us to an all time low. I know I havent watched near as many years of Razorback football as some around here, seeing I’m well under half the age of most on this board, but in my lifetime he hit the all time low. I hope we can get out of it. Idk how good of a coach chad is, he sure looks like a hell of a recruiter though, and we are improving. So I’m happy with that. I’m not sure about some of the staff members but I’ll give them time. But the OL coach better figure out how to recruit big timers in a hurry. He seems to be the weak link.

Maybe a little harsh, but accurate and hilarious!


Passion and patience aside, I like how Morris has kept the team together after the horrendous start. This team could have easily rolled over after the last few years but is still listening and taking coaching. It’s apparent CCM will get rid of the driftwood and mold his team through a strong recruiting class over the next couple of years. Year three should be the payoff and I need to keep that passion and patience relative to the progress for happiness sake.

Good post - I’m with you. Easier said than done, but patience and support is needed in difficult times. Seeing others going through same struggles - Tennessee, Nebraska, UCLA, etc. makes it a little easier to understand and accept.

Great post. Mostly agree - except I don’t think even Barry Sanders or Peyton Manning could do much with such poor o-line play. It’s hard to tell how good/bad our RBs, WRs, QBs and TEs are because they are playing at such a HUGE disadvantage. Might be terrible. Might be fine. This line has been horrendous since Pittman left. Anybody who parroted the “Beliema doing it the right way” line or “best bunch of recruiters in 35 years” line should be asking themselves some tough questions.

>It’s their pride getting in the way after defending Bert for five years when Ray Charles could see he was driving this program in to the dirt - drunk, fat, arrogant, and lazy is no way to go through life at Faber College or as an SEC FB coach.<

Jackson Reid as a Faber man I both resent and resemble that comment. On the other hand, it seems to me that our most successful coaches(Broyles, Holtz, Hatfield) were all pretty lean and in Lou’s case wirey. Two of the three were tea totallers. Whatever other issues the moderately successful Houston Dale had, he was not obese and did not drink either. You may be on to something.

I don’t know if it was Bretts drinking that caused poor oline recruiting & other deficiencies.
Eddie Sutton drank a little-hehe & was pretty successful at his craft.

Yes but Eddie was lean and mean and a great teacher of the game. He also had a keen eye for talent. I don’t think the same can be said of Coach Blutarski.

That’s my point.


Coaching is an art instead of a science. Some people have it . Some don’t. Obviously, excessive drinking handicaps ones job performance. The NFL has proven that a trim physique is not a prerequisite for success.:see John Madden and Andy Reid. I agree that Bielema’s tenure was a complete disaster and it will take time to overcome the poor state of the program.

It really does not help the program to make personal insults about former coaches. I am just as guilty as anyone in having favorites and it really does not matter who my favorites are. What we have now is Coach Morris and I will support him until he proves that he can’t do the job. That does not mean that I can’t or won’t critcize the coach when I think his performance is poor.

All Hog fans want a top tier program. The only way to get one is to care about what’s going on with the team. Support the Coach until his job performance proves that he can’t do the job. Then make a change and hope that you get the right man. WPS