Unsung hero

Was Jimmy Whitt. What a job he did on their guard that killed us last game. Overplayed his left hand all night. I got a kick when the announcer said he had probably had never used right hand that much. Excellent coaching by Muss and awesome execution by Whitt.


Glad JW came back home this year. We wouldn’t be where we are without him.

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Whitt took him completely out of the game. I think he had 6 points and 0 assists…Kid killed us at Tenn. the other game.

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hopefully he can do the same Sat against Ga. great Freshman.

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The staff certainly had a good game plan for controlling the point guard, and Whitt executed it very well.

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4 points and no assists. I think he had 5-turnovers. Whitt shut him down! Great job! Whitt has 5 rebounds too!
The other unsung hero is Henderson.
9 rebounds. 3 blocks and he also keep a few ball alive for others to rebound.
The big key for Henderson tonight was only committing 3 fouls. That’s a huge key that allowed him to stay on the floor.

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Yep. In my opinion, that was as key as anything last night. Also, Jimmy is really battling through a sore back. It was very apparent when he came to the bench.

I was laughing all night watching Jimmy give the kid his right hand and he couldn’t take advantage of it.

My first year off coaching summer ball my team was made up of 5th and 6th graders. Every game we would tell one of our kids “make him go left” and needless to say they would make them go to their left…lol…terrible coaching!

Yes sir he done a phenomenal job last night ! I have never understood why that tactic is not used more in college or any level of basketball. If you go back and watch the huddle in the Chicago/Detroit game in the conference championship final play Detroit was up 1 with mere seconds left and Chicago had possession you can hear Coach Daily tell his team make Jordan go left no matter what, he went right and hit the shot for the win. Everyone is better going one way than the other so why not play the percentages in your favor. Whitt’s defense last night was very exaggerated to say the least and effective! WPS

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That’s funny razorblack!

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This was talk of the game around my seat. Jimmy absolutely took Santiago out of the game. He was virtually a non-factor and got so frustrated that he ended up making desperate drives resulting in offensive fouls.

Jimmy absolutely schooled him and made him look like a freshman that he is. Back to basketball school for Santiago.

He was exposed big time. Boy, does Tennessee miss Lamonte Turner.

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Barnes has got to be more than a little worried going forward that teams now have the secret sauce to cripple UT’s offense, which generally has not been great this year. I think there’s two parts to it: 1) make him go right; and 2) try to keep someone with length on him. If you put a small guard on the guy I think that he can probably overcome the flaw in his game.

Can’t wait to see Jimmy on Anthony Edwards.

Edwards strength is going to be an issue for whoever is guarding him, and he appears to be very nearly as quick as Whitt. On the other hand, he-and most of the rest of the Bulldogs, do not take care of the ball at times.

Georgia will try to take the ball inside! The player I worry about more than Edwards is Crump! We have a way to allow a player to go off when they play the hogs when we are in desperate need of a win! If the hogs keep the rebounding close like in the Tennessee game, make free throws and win the TO battle we should win! I think they will play Edwards on Jones and Joe and Sills will need to be hit shooting.

That has happened with our scrambling defense under the previous system, but hasn’t happened under the current defensive scheme, has it?

Yes! We shut down the number one option and forced others to score. I can’t remember the game!


Edwards will be the toughest test for JW. I hoping for some slowing him down but don’t expect another shut down of this kid. We are talking about possibly one of the top 5 picks in the draft.

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